Upcoming Reviews

All up-and-coming reviews go here. Requests for singles/albums are permitted. Artist suggestions are also welcome.

Rules for Request

1. ONLY Japanese songs unless you insist that some artist/single etc. is exceptional.

2. NO non-Asian artists. Never ever ever. By non-Asian I mean no artist that does not exclusively release in Asia (so artists like Himeka and Jero are eligible).

3. Classical music (traditional Asian) requests are permitted… but since that stuff is harder to find, please provide a link to the particular piece you want reviewed.

4. Please give us time to review them ;_;




Live Reports


  1. I’m curious, do you review Johnny’s bands e.g. KAT-TUN, because many other review blogs don’t. Just asking >.>

    • Yup! I know a lot of people have a love/hate relationship with JE stuff, but I don’t discriminate bands because of their label. I like KAT-TUN and Arashi a lot, so if they release something I’ll probably review it. If you have anything particular that you’d like to see reviewed just ask =]


  2. That’s fantastic! Personally, I’m a huge fan of the JE bands, recently, KAT-TUN’s released Love Yourself, and I thought it okay, but not … mind-blowing, I guess XD And the PV really ruined it for me. But if you don’t mind, would you review it? I would love to see your thoughts on it ^_^ thank you!

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