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Sayuri Sugawara- Sunao ni Narenakute

2010年 5月 24日

I LOVE this. After all those bland covers this is a really nice surprise. Very artistic =]

As you’ve probably heard by now, Sunao ni Narenakute is very similar to her hit, Ano Hi no Yakusoku. They both have that upbeat R&B/pop mixture and have similar choruses. Although this song is a bit unoriginal (Sayuri’s main fault), it’s not a horrible listen. Personally I think Sayuri needs to experiment with some darker sounds instead of all these sad-but-sweet tracks.

Stay with you is a nice laid back R&B song with a similar mood as the first song. Truth be told this song shares far too many similarities to the a-side, and doesn’t do much to enhance the single. Yeah it’s got a cute chorus, but that’s about it.

I definitely thought GLOW was the best track off the single. I love how this song begins with a fusion between broken-record strings and electric guitar. This is one of her best songs to date. I wouldn’t say her vocals were the best in this song, but I’m just glad to get some experimentation out of this girl. Should have been the A-side, no question. This song has elements of sad-but-sweet, but mixes up the formula  bit so it doesn’t feel like we’re bombarded with the same material over and over again.

Overall: First two tracks are “pleasant,” but unoriginal. GLOW is a great song though.

Rating: 6/10

Track list

  1. Sunao ni Narenakute
  2. Stay with you
  3. GLOW
  4. Sunao ni Narenakute (Instrumental)
  5. Stay with you (Instrumental)
  6. GLOW (Instrumental)