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Poll Results: Your favorite Asian snack food!

2010年 7月 11日

No more Pocky left!! Oh no!

Well this week’s poll results were certainly competitive. I wanted to wait until someone broke the tie between Pocky and Instant Noodles!

Here are the results

Answer Votes
Pocky 19- 28%
Instant Noodle 18- 26%
Green Tea, Mango, or Red Bean Ice Cream 7- 10%
Hi-Chews 6- 9%
Any kind of dried fish or fish cracker 5- 7%
Pineapple, Strawberry, etc Cakes 5- 7%
Ramune Soda 2- 3%
Wasabi Peas 2- 3%
Rice Crackers 2- 3%
Dorayaki 2- 3%

My personal favorites are Hi-Chews (green apple flavor), Pineapple Cakes, and Green Tea Ice Cream ❤

I also am a fan of Ramune Soda and Instant Noodle and Pocky. I was surprised that people voted for dried fish/fish crackers. I’m not a huge fan of them, but sometimes the mood calls for it!

Anyway, yay for Asian food! It’s so yummy. What are everyone’s favorite dishes?


Poll: Best album thus far (2010)?

2010年 4月 26日

oh hay kuu chan…. you look so cute but you didn’t win!!

So we’re a third of the way through the year.. how are we doing album wise? Personally there hasn’t been a one single album to fully grab my attention as “perfect.” Sure there have been great tracks on every album, but as a whole there hasn’t been one that is so outstanding that it shames all others (last year? alan’s Voice of Earth). However, the year is nascent and we’ve got some time. Let’s hear it again for Kalafina, shall we?

Kalafina- Red Moon– 13 votes, 46%
Ayumi Hamasaki- Rock ‘N’ Roll Circus– 6 votes, 21%

Sayuri Sugawara- First story- 3 votes 11%
Rie fu- at Rie sessions- 2 votes, 7%
KOKIA- REAL WORLD- 1 vote, 4%
Abingdon Boys School- ABINGDON ROAD- 1 vote, 4%
Tokyo Jihen- Sports- 1 vote, 4%
SuG- Tokyo Muzical Hotal- 1 vote, 4%

The following earned 0 votes:

D- 7th Rose
Morning Musume 10 MY ME

Let’s analyze the votes. Red Moon was the most anticipated release AND the “best” according to you readers. I thought the album was pretty good, but Kalafina isn’t a group I listen to too often. For me I’d either say Rie fu, KOKIA or Koda Kumi’s was best. Rie fu resonates with the kind of folksy sound I love. KOKIA opened up a new door in music for me. And Koda Kumi is just my little Kuu-chan. (What?? I work out to her stuff!) I should have added salyu’s maiden voyage to the mix! Well that’s what I get for making polls after midnight.

Now I haven’t listened to Tokyo Jihen before (though I’ve heard good things about them) and I haven’t listened to SuG in ages (I can’t really get into oshare-kei sometimes). I was surprised at how many votes Ayumi Hamasaki (what with all the bashing on the blogosphere lately). I think that she has more fans in Japan (relatively speaking) than across the globe. I think Ayu is highly talented, but I don’t think her album is quite “the best of 2010.” To each her own.

So… what do you think of the results? Are they a fair representation of the best musicians or do we have some stans in the house? You tell me.



Poll: Favorite Koda Kumi look?

2010年 4月 17日

Recently we asked what everyone’s favorite Koda Kumi look is. Kuu-chan has a lot of different styles, but they can mostly be categorized into: sexy, trendy, elegant, kawaii, and WTF. The results are in!

  • Trendy-strut-yo’-stuff-Kumi (TABOO, Ima Sugu Hoshii, But/Aisho)- 17 votes, 59%
  • Elegant~ (Moon, Alive, Yume no Uta/Futari De…)- 7 votes, 24%
  • Super kawaaiiii ❤ (Lick Me, Anytime, Koi no Tsubomi) 2 votes, 7%
  • Sexpot Kumi! (Freaky, JUICY, Star, Hot Stuff)- 2 votes, 7%
  • I prefer her WTF?! moments (Can We Go Back, Maze, Come With Me)- 1 vote, 3%

Everyone obviously prefers her trendy looks! Me? I love Kuu-chan in every shape and form, but I have to say that her elegant moments are my favorite!

Sexpot Kumi didn’t get very many votes… perhaps not enough guys are reading this blog? 😛


Results: Which March release are you most excited for?

2010年 3月 31日

First off I couldn’t believe how skewed these results were! You all were excited for a number of releases, but one of them was the most popular.

23 (72%) of you said you were most excited for Kalafina- Red Moon [album]. I wasn’t expecting so many results for just this album! What do you think, were your expectations met?

Three releases tied for second place–

  • Morning Musume- 10 MY ME [album]
  • Miliyah Kato- Bye Bye [single]
  • UVERworld- GOLD [single]

Each took 2 votes with 6% of the overall score each.

There was also a three-way tie for all third place–

  • Rie fu- At Rie Sessions [album]
  • JUJU- JUJU [album]
  • D- 7th Rose [album]

Each took 1 vote with 1% of overall score.

Lastly some releases garnered no votes at all 😦

  • Porno Graffiti- ∠ TRIGGER [album]
  • Tohoshinki- Toki wo Tomete [single]

Personally, I’m most excited for Rie fu’s new album because her last one was so stellar.

Thanks for voting! Why did you vote the way you did? Did the singles/albums live up to your expectations?



Poll Results: A lot of Jpop/rock artists are MIA. Who do you most want to see come back? (show some indie love)

2010年 3月 14日

Recently we asked, A lot of Jpop/rock artists are MIA. Who do you most want to see come back? (show some indie love). I had been browsing through my music library, thinking of artists whom I haven’t seen in a long time. This ones came up first in my mind, but there are many others to the list. Here are the results:

  1. I was kind of surprised (though pleasantly) when I saw that Yaida Hitomi got the most votes. She herself garnered 20, taking 32% of all votes.
  2. A close second, OLIVIA, with 14 votes, 22%.
  3. Mai Hoshimura, 13, 21%
  4. Hitomi Takahashi, 7, 11%
  5. WaT, 5, 8%
  6. Mai Fukui, 2, 3%
  7. MinK, 2, 3%
  8. Lastly, the remaining artists garnered 0 votes (boo): ELLEGARDEN, Yifei, AcQua EP/AGE-OF-EP, Kana (Moon), Miwa Sasagawa.

MinK and Mai Hoshimura weren’t added to the original voting because I forgot about them. Nevertheless I was glad people voted for them in the end. Mai Hoshimura’s contract with Sony last Spring. I hope she comes back soon though because I miss her refreshing sense of music. I have a feeling some artists didn’t get a lot of votes because people simply didn’t know who they were. Mai Fukui, for example, is an extremely talented songstress who released one of my favorite albums of 2009. ELLEGARDEN is an indies jrock band with whom everyone should be familiar. They have been on an “activity pause” for a couple of years because of differences in musical interpretation (however they will be performing in this year’s SXSW festival in Austin, Texas). Since then various members have ventured into solo-projectland, forming excellent bands like Nothing’s Carved in Stone. I didn’t expect many people to know Yifei either. She is a Chinese actress/singer who released an album and a single way back in 2006. Nevertheless All My Words is an absolute MUST LISTEN in my book. She has kind of a mellow sound and I hope she’ll return in the future. Another artist I forgot to mention was Miwako Okuda. She released two albums (in 2005 and 2006 respectively), but we haven’t seen anything from her since. Basically if you like Yaida Hitomi you’ll like her.

Anyway, here’s to these talented artists making a return on the market!



Poll Results: What would you like to see more of on Tsuki no Ai?

2010年 2月 23日

A few weeks ago we asked people what kinds of things they’d like to see on Tsuki no Ai. The results are in, but don’t be afraid to offer additional suggestions on this post or on the “about” page. The votes this time were less varied, but that helps Koweizhi and I decide what to add to the blog! Here are the results:

  • Reviews of discographies from various artists- 13 votes, 28%
  • Cupcakes @__@- 13 votes, 28%
  • More editorials! (Or at least start making them <_<)- 12 votes, 26%
  • Kpop or Cpop reviews- 6 votes, 13%
  • Reviews of Asian moves, drama, etc.- 3 votes, 6%
  • Song lyrics mayhaps?- 0 votes
  • Nothing! Please shut down your craptastic blog.- none 🙂

First off, enjoy your panda cupcakes:

Secondly, it’s obvious that reviews of discographies will come next… I think I’ll start off with artists with fewer releases (e.g. alan) and then move on to more prolific artists like Utada Hikaru and Hamasaki Ayumi.

I’d like to do some editorials in the future as well. Editorials can be kind of risky (polemic), but I find that I usually have a different view towards Japan and the music industry than most other bloggers. Hopefully I can get some good discussion. I’m not sure if Kowezhi will do any or not… he tends to be more subdued here.

Lastly, my reviews of Cpop, Kpop, and dramas/movies will be in accordance with the number of votes. Basically what that means is I’ll review something of this category if I find it particularly exceptional (or terrible if I feel like venting). Also Kowezhi and I enjoy watching d-list Japanese horror films so we might review those for a good laugh.

Thanks for voting; Kowezhi and I want to improve the blog as much as possible.

Now it’s up to YOU to comment on the posts =p

xiao aoliwa


Poll Results: Do you actually buy your music?

2010年 2月 5日

It’s time for the results of Tsuki no Ai’s second poll! So this time I asked whether you guys actually buy your music. Personally I try to buy as much music whenever I can.. there are some artists that I follow no matter (*cough* Dir en grey). I wish I could buy everything, but honestly I don’t have enough money to buy every $40 album that comes my way. There were a couple people who answered I buy ALL my music… if I don’t have money I don’t have music. Good for you guys; that’s something I really respect. The overwhelming response, however, was I buy music whenever I have the money. I think that’s good too.. because chances are most of those who voted are jobless teenagers who don’t have a consistent income. In an ideal world we would buy all the music, but typically that’s not possible. A few people said I buy releases from one or two artists but download the rest, which as I said, is what I do (although the artists I usually follow can vary). Lastly, a couple very honest people admitted Nope! All downloaded 😉. Good for honesty too =]

Anyway, my whole take on the buying music thing is this. Part of me feels like music is something so beautiful, and so connected to the soul that it is almost an indelible right of being human. For me music is what connects me to my thoughts and my emotions. Without it I’d be a very empty person. With this mentality I feel like music should be free. I do, however, want to support my artists as best I can. After all without pay the artists wouldn’t be able to make more music for us to enjoy. Typically what I do is download music, but then buy merchandise from the artist to kind of “pay” for my music. I think often times that in today’s world artists gain their greatest amount of revenue, not from sales, but from merchandise, concerts, appearances, etc. I also don’t have much sympathy from American artists… their paychecks are astounding and most of them don’t have to worry about their financial futures. In Asia though I’ve read that many artists are very underpaid or have a check dictated by their record label or genre (avex vs. visual kei). Also, Asian artists have a much smaller fanbase compared to American (or British) musicians. Where Western artists might have a significant amount of international sales chances are Asian artists don’t (this is part of the reason why Asian artists and bands rarely come to the United States).

That being said, I do not like the idea of Asian artists in the United States. In the U.S. the best way for a musician to make money is to conform to mainstream melodies and ideas in order to attract more fans. I feel like this defeats the purpose of music (for it is essentially an outward and open form of human expression), because in reality they are try to achieve a higher capital gain instead of trying to connect with the soul. Not to say that no Western artists do this (because there certainly many that do), but the big names (Britney Spears, Kanye West, Lady Gaga) tend to produce  singular, one-dimensional music. I’m not trying to be an Asian music elitist (although I kind of am anyway xD), and I do appreciate many Western artists like Imogen Heap, muse, and older rock from ’60s to ’80s. I just think that commercialism in music is much more prevalent in the U.S. than it is in other Asian countries (although it might be more prevalent in S. Korea).

Okay I digress. Thanks for voting, and a new poll will be up now =]