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[Single] Vidoll – EVE

2009年 12月 10日

Before I get started, I’ll try to be completely neutral to this band. Their latest releases have been average-sounding so I will take my time with this review.

Eve reminds me at first of something a band such as Alice Nine. would do. They start with a soft introduction of piano, synth, and vocals but after a few staccato chords they transition into what will be the sound for the rest of the song. However, a woman starts to sing soon after the rest of the band enters. This song is pretty upbeat and the parts are all more intricate than they seem at first.

The next song was Shishun no ato ~love me, hug me~… A rather interesting title. It has a jazz feel to it. I do like it when bands try to do different styles, but when they try to do jazz, it for some reason always sounds similar to other songs they do with that same feel. However, I did the introduction, which was pretty heavy. The guitar parts sound like pigs squealing though… Not a pleasant sound. It was a pretty solid song otherwise.

PROMISE seems like a title that you would give to a ballad, but thats not the case at all. Vidoll uses synth violins and brass in the intro which make it sound like it will be another jazzy track. They kind of did a fusion of it, but it turned out for the better. The song gets kind of repetitive, but there are nice little guitar solos at various points.

Overall: Vidoll has improved on their creativity, but I still think they could have much more variety.

Rating: 7/10

1.) EVE
2.) 思春の痕~love me, hug me~ (Shishun no ato ~love me, hug me~)