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Thelma Aoyama- Summer Love!! feat. RED RICE from 湘南乃風

2010年 7月 12日

Cute beach cover!

Thelma Aoyama has certainly done a lot of song collaborations with male rappers/hip hop artists. The difference between those songs and this one is that the male vocals don’t suck in ones like Fall in Love. Summer Love!! is actually a very cute and catchy song. Unfortunately, RED RICE, from Shonan no Kaze is absolutely DREADFUL. I cannot fathom that a worst rapper exists in this world… his voice is like nails against a chalkboard for me. It’s also sad that he plays such a huge role in this song. If you can get past RED RICE’s disgusting vocals then this song really isn’t so bad.

OH BABY koi shitetai has been out for some time already. This sound sounds exactly like a BENI song… from the synth to the cute melody it’s got BENI written all over it. That being said, I still like this song, and it stands out from the A-side IMO. That being said, this still a great song whose chill atmosphere balances out the energy of the a-side.

Overall: RED RICE should just go die. Please. Otherwise this single was kind of a mixed bag for me.

Overall: 6/10

Track list:

1. サマーラブ!! feat. RED RICE from 湘南乃風
2. OH BABY 恋してたい
3. サマーラブ!! feat. RED RICE from 湘南乃風 (Instrumental)
4. OH BABY 恋してたい (Instrumental)


Thelma Aoyama- Kaeru Basho

2010年 3月 8日

This cover is effortlessly classy. The black-and-white gives it a mature look, but it maintains a little playfulness with Thelma doing the peace sign behind her back.

So now that I’m officially into Thelma Aoyama’s music I’m proud to present her latest single. Kaeru Basho takes it down a notch from her previous single, Fall in Love. Kaeru Basho is one of those soft and progressive R&B tracks that she does so well. It’s a lovely song, especially with the drum giving the pulse throughout. My one complaint about this song is that it likes anything that makes it A-side material. That is it say it’s not particularly epic until the bridge.

Anata ga Kiechaisode is almost like a continuation of Kaeru Basho. It is yet another mid-tempo R&B track. Whereas the title track was more pop or power ballad sounding this one is clearly on the R&B or jazzy side of things. The irregular piano melodies help give this song the jazz feel. Like the A-side, this song doesn’t have any particular “pop” to it.

Overall: While both the A and B sides are solid tracks, neither of them is really “single” material. It seems that every artist nowadays is trying to replicate this style of song (but Thelma was there first bitches!)

Rating: 6.5/10 (yes, I have become increasingly stricter on my review system)

Track list:

  1. Kaeru Basho
  2. Anata ga Kiechaisode
  3. Kaeru Basho (instrumental)
  4. Anata ga Kiechaisode (instrumental)

Thelma Aoyama- Fall in Love

2010年 2月 6日

Okaaay I know you’re not supposed to judge an album by its cover, but I do anyway. I thought this cover was absolutely stunning, and that’s the reason why I decided to try out Thelma Aoyama in the first place!

So yeah… this is my first time eva getting something from Thelma. I saw the cover and was like “whooaaa @_@” and proceeded to watch the PV on youtube. I was totally impressed with Fall in Love, and it’s my current addiction. Fall in Love is a cross between pop, R&B and electronica. Not only is this song incredibly catchy, Thelma’s vocals are so pretty (SOL’s are too). I am not a fan of Big Bang, but I was thought that the pairing between Thelma and SOL was like this year’s Spontania and Yuna Ito. If you don’t understand Japanese take the time to look up translations to the lyrics because they’re very pretty.

Believe is a beautiful slower-paced that’s being used as a theme song for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Whereas the A-side relied on artificial instruments, Believe is totally acoustic, filled with strings. Thelma can really sing too (you don’t get too much variation of her vocals in the A-side). She has some very nice vibrato and I was impressed with her tone as well.

Overall: I have nothing to say here, I’m totally adding Thelma Aoyama to one of my artists!

Rating: 9.5/10