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[Single] Sadie – Dress

2010年 5月 1日

Sooo, this cover…. I guess that she should have a dress on. Whatever, This is Sadie’s latest single. It seems like they have sort have reverted back to their roots stylistically. There is more vocal melody than in their previous release Gain.

Dress starts of slowly with band and piano playing. The bass in this song is very fat sounding to me. In fact, all the lower parts that the guitars play are very thick (probably because they’re playing in unison with the bass). Mao’s vocals are very good and controlled. He sings throughout the song rather than including growling and screaming. The guitar parts are simple but effective.

Stormy Heaven has a very short piano introduction which reminds me of maybe a section of a dramatic movie, but that is followed almost immediately by the guitar and drums. Mao uses a bit of his rougher singing style. The bass is not so thick this time which is great. It blends right in with the guitars. This is a solid song. The vocal melodies are good and the guitar lines work very well. I kind of wish that they would have more prominent guitar parts sometimes…

forbidden is the last track. No piano introduction or inclusion this time. Ooh, got what I asked for from the other one! More guitar prominence, yes. They are much more intricate in this song than the other two. Maybe as a counterbalance, Mao’s line is less active range-wise although still keeps interest.

Overall: Very nice single! It’s nice to hear Mao’s voice straight on rather than with all the growling and strange effects. Good use of piano and it’s nice to get what I asked for hah.

Rating: 8.75/10

-KWZ (been a long time huh?)