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Prague- Light Infection

2009年 12月 16日

Prague is a band I discovered just a little over a week ago. They’re pretty new, as they’ve only released two singles, this being the second. They seem to be following a cover scheme with shading a color over an image of themselves. I like it!

Prague has a sound similar to bands like NICO Touches the Walls and other alternative bands. They’re blessed with innovative musicians and a talented singer with a sonorous voice. Light Infection opens up with some guitar distortion and prepares us for an upbeat song. I love the way they layered the chords in this song. Prague’s vocalist has such a singing voice and great vibrato. Light Infection is the second opening to the anime Gintama.

The b-side, Makura Kaze, takes a little things a little slower. It kind of reminds me of a song disbanded vk band, Sugar, would do. In some respects this song has a jazzy feel to it. Things are pretty laid-back and so the chorus and verses tend to sound the same, but that’s ok.

Overall: I hope everyone checks out Prague… they’re new and they’ve got a lot of talent! Also look at their previous single, Slow Down.

Rating: 8.5/10

Track List:
1. Light Infection
2. Makura Kaze