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[Single] MUCC – Freesia

2009年 12月 1日

This is MUCC’s latest single. I think that after listening to it a few times, it sounds nicer than my initial reaction.

Freesia starts out with a synthesized intro and follows with Tatsurou’s vocals which are auto-tuned for  a short time. There’s a short rap part then the chorus, which sounds beautiful. From here out, the song creates a relaxed atmosphere. Synthesized strings are used throughout and actually work very well.

The B-side, Shuushifu, I wasn’t really too into. It starts off with some heavy guitar riffs, and seems like it will sound great like songs from Kyutai, but no… He uses auto-tune and proceeds to sing a chorus that I swear they’ve already done before. It sounds exactly the same as another one of their songs. I didn’t really like this one.

Also included was Freesia -Rhodesian Ridgeback Ver.- which is basically just a piano arrangement of Freesia. In the beginning, the piano is very slow and gloomy but then picks up Freesia‘s melody. The harmonies in this version were much more complex. Overall, this sounds much better than the original in my opinion.

Rating: 7/10


1.) Freesia

2.) Shuushifu

3.) Freesia -Rhodesian Ridgeback ver.-