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miwa- Little Girl

2010年 7月 1日

Love love love this cover. Also, the scans for this single are so beautiful!

I was a little nervous with Little Girl. Frankly I thought it was going to be a ballad. That is not the case, as Little Girl is a light-hearted, up beat pop-rock song. miwa’s vocals are a little shaky during the beginning, but she gains control during the chorus. This song is tons of fun and super cute: a complete contrast to her last single, Don’t Cry Anymore.

Anata ga Inai to Sekai wa Konna ni Tsumaranai has some pretty weird instrumentals in the beginning, so I worried about the organization of the song. Fortunately, the general melody picks and stays pretty consistent. Like the a-side, this song is up-beat and perfect for summer. I like how this song uses lots of electric guitar, making her sound less YUI-like.

Finally, we have a gorgeous acoustic ballad. Sobani Itai Kara is soft and sweet, like miwa’s vocals. I love how miwa has a bit of a raspy tone quality to her voice in the song, as opposed to a lot of the high-energy “whining” she uses in her faster songs. This song is just miwa and acoustic guitar, so it’s perfect for listening before bed.

Overall: A great single, even better than her debut!

Rating: 10/10

Track list:

01. リトルガール
02. あなたがいないと世界はこんなにつまらない
03. そばにいたいから
04. リトルガール ~instrumental~


miwa- don’t cry anymore

2010年 3月 6日

Never heard of her before? That’s because this is miwa’s debut onto the music scene. She represents a YUI like sound and is accomplished in both vocals and acoustic guitar. I love this cover. It’s so simple and fresh.

The title track, don’t cry anymore, is a pop-rock song with kind of a nostalgic, hopeful feeling. The verses are typically the softest part of the song, with acoustic guitar, and a few strings. Electric guitars are added to the mix just before the chorus. The chorus is powerful, using high energy and bright instruments to create a lasting effect. Sometimes miwa’s voice reminds of misono, but with better intonation and vibrato. Generally though miwa is very articulate and simple in her vocals. Beautiful song.

Next is the much simpler, Meguru gawa. This song takes a much more laid-back approach to acoustic songs. Piano mostly dominates the verses, and it prepares us for an uplifting chorus. The chorus reminds me of something from an Every Little Thing or Ikimono Gakari song. Although this track isn’t nearly as powerful as the debut song, it’s still pretty.

We end the single with a very uplifting Wake up, Break out! This song could easily be found on a Rie fu album or something like that. miwa perfectly handles this song, and her English is great. The guitar work in this song is especially enticing. miwa has a much more powerful voice than I imagined.

Overall: One of the most powerful, well-rounded debut singles I’ve seen.

Rating: 9/10

Track list:

  1. don’t cry anymore
  2. meguru gawa
  3. Wake up, Break out!
  4. don’t cry anymore ~instrumental~