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Best of 2009: B-sides and other stuff

2010年 1月 3日

Here’s the 3rd part to my 5-part “Best of 2009” installment! This time I’m focusing on B-sides and album-only tracks.  There are a couple more bonus categories I didn’t know where else to put (best collaboration and such). Again, nothing is in any particular order.

  • Gunjou no Tani (acoustic ver.)- alan (Gunjou no Tani)
  • SYOUKUBENI (shot in one take)– Dir en grey (Hageshisa to, Kono Mune no Naka de Karamitsuita Shakunetsu no Yami)
  • mute– Mihimaru GT (Torokechau Dandy)
  • Pied Piper– Plastic Tree (Sanatorium)
  • I– salyu (extension)
  • KISSES– stephanie. (Pride ~a part of me~)

  • Shiroki Yuu Utsu- the GazettE (DIM)
  • suki– Rie fu (Urban Romantic)
  • Akizakura (cosmos)– Ikimono Gakari (Hajimari no Uta)
  • Driving– Koda Kumi (Trick)
  • Drella– alice nine. (Vandalize)
  • COPY THAT– Namie Amuro (Past<Future)

There were a number of new artists this year… but as the title suggests I’ve only considered the artists who had the strongest debuts (I chose 5). I don’t consider artists like alan to be “new artists” since her work was well known way before her debut album. Artists like Mao Denda (who apparently released stuff about 9 years ago) are eligible because they made themselves known in 2009.  It’s a bit confusing, but it makes sense in my mind ._.

  • MiChi
  • Kana Nishino
  • Kizuki Minami
  • Lil’ B

Those where my three “main” categories. Here are the other ones (basically I was just too lazy to make graphics for categories with only one or two winners).

Best Collaboration: Ima Demo Aitai Yo– Yuna Ito feat. Spontania

Best Revival: UnsraW
Best appearance on anime: Again– YUI
Best Instrumental/Interlude: —anten.– Plastic Tree, Tenyou ~Interlude~– alan, INTRODUCTION FOR TRICK– Koda Kumi
Best Remix: romantic (strings ver.)– Rie fu, Days 8-bits of tears YMCK remix– Ayumi Hamasaki


Best of 2009: singles

2009年 12月 31日

Well I haven’t been reviewing on account of I’ve been on vacation =]. Anyway, now that I’m back and Kowezhi has decided to go party without me (<_<) I’ll spend my New Year’s Eve writing “best of”s. I’ll do singles holistically. I may add a category for b-sides or album-only tracks. None of them are in any particular order… just whatever comes to my mind. Also, no commentary since that would take way too long. Feel free to comment if you agree/disagree. It’s quite possible that I forgot some of the best. Mouse over the album pics to see the name of the artist/single.


Alright I really wanted this to be a “top 10” sort of deal… but 11 never hurt anyone =] If I *had* to pick a “number 1” I’d have to go with alan’s Kuon no Kawa. I mean come on.. that thing is EPIC (even if it rehashes the same two songs over and over). Also, even though I gave some singles better reviews than others I gave my top 10 based on musicianship, not necessarily the rating I gave. For example, although I enjoyed Miho Fukuhara’s Nande Nakitaku Nacchaun Darou tremendously, Hanabi Sky was clearly a more musical feat.

Honorable Mentions
Kana Nishino- Dear…/MAYBE
Onitsuka Chihiro- X/Last Melody
Lil’B- Tsunaida Te
Mika Nakshima- Overload
Salyu- Corteo ~Gyouretsu~
BoA- Eien


Lil’ B- One

2009年 12月 9日

Pretty cover IMO. It’s nice to see both of them on the cover again!

Zoku Kimi ni Utatta Love Song is definitely a love song. I thought it was an interesting way to open up the album. It’s a slower song, and by the way the chords and instrumentals are layered it seems like it would do better at the end of an album. It’s still a sweet song, and the strings make it very peaceful.

Now we transition into Jikan wo Komete, which is of similar pace to the previous track. It’s an upbeat song, with some brass in it. This song almost has kind of an island feel to it. I wasn’t too excited by this track… but w/e. The rapping section of this song was the highlight because of its high energy.

Tell me why? changes pace by switching into a minor key. Different kinds of drum synth dominate this track with some slight piano in the background. Again, the rapping section is the high point of the song, mostly because the instrumentals change a bit here, thereby giving the song more variety.

Tsunaida Te follows, see here.

Naite Nankanai yo is one of the sadder tracks on the album, but it works very well for Lil’B. Naite Nankanai yo is a great track with the exception of repeating “I’m solly”… I’m not very elitist when it comes to English pronunciation, but I think that by mispronouncing “I’m sorry” disrupts the flow of the song. Melancholy and Lil’B go great together.

Next we have Omoide ni Naru Mae ni. It has a very… interesting… opening. Kind of reminds me of a church actually o_O. At first it seems like we’re about to listen to a ballad… but that’s very, very wrong. With fast beats and brass it seems like we’re just listening to a different version of Jikan wo Komete. A high energy track, but I couldn’t help but feel like I had heard it before. Next.

Days ~Sandome no Kisetsu~ is yet another upbeat track. Surprise… lots of rhythm and brass. I thought that the drum synth was too strong in this song. Also, vocals from both girls weren’t especially strong here. More or less a boring track.

S.O.S. is one of the more experimental tracks on the album, as it opts for a dance feeling. We get lots of vocal distortion of the girls saying “S.O.S.” for about 30 seconds. It’s a strong track because it adds variety to the album. One thing I did not like however, was the transition from verse to chorus. The chorus completely changes beat (it’s a lot slower), and I thought it screwed up the flow of the song. Also, American singer, Rihanna, has a song of the same name, and I thought there were a number of similarities between the two songs during the chorus. Suspicious and sad… Rihanna’s vocals aren’t worth shit… so I’m hoping that this is just a coincidence.

By now all the songs are starting to sound the same. Soba ni Iru Dakede follows the same pattern with brass and rhythm. Aish.

Love Letter is next, see Tsunaida Te review.

Arigatou is next, and it is a surprisingly good song. Not exactly break through or anything, but it’s pretty all the same.

Now we have Ashita Iro no Hana.. which follows the same pattern as a lot of the other songs (like the first track). It doesn’t mean it’s a bad song at all… but it’s hard to appreciate it because you can’t help but draw parallels to Lil’B’s other songs.

Kimi ni Utatta Love Song rehashes from the first song on the album (looks like I got my wish). This one is more upbeat though. Using variations of the same song was an ironic choice for this album because so many songs sound like others.

Overall: I was pretty disappointed in Lil’B. I was hoping for more variation on this album, but instead so many songs sound the same.

Rating: 6/10

Track List:

01 続・キミに歌ったラブソング (Zoku Kimi ni Utatta Love Song)
02 時間を止めて・・・ (Jikan wo Komete)
03 Tell me why?
04 つないだ手 (Tsunaida Te)
05 泣いてなんかないよ (Naite Nankanai yo)
06 思い出になる前に (Omoide ni Naru Mae ni)
07 Days ~3度目の季節~ (Sandome no Kisetsu)
08 S.O.S
09 そばにいるだけで (Soba ni Iru Dakede)
10 ラストレター (Love Letter)
11 ありがとう (Arigatou)
12 明日色の花 (Ashita Iro no Hana)
13 キミに歌ったラブソング (Kimi ni Utatta Love Song)


Lil’B- Tsunaida Te

2009年 11月 20日

Pretty cover… but I only see 1/2 of the hip-pop duo ;_;

Tsunaida Te is the 3rd ending song to the popular anime, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Lil’B does a great job at creating a sentimental, yet hopeful, song. I’ve already posted the PV for the song, here. Although Lil’B is classified as a hip-hop duo, Tsunaida Te has a much more pop feel because it uses a delicate melody, strings, and guitars. This song is addicting as hell and it’s my latest obsession.

The first B-side, Last Letter, is a bit more hip-hop than the previous track, but still very tasteful. The poignant melody meshes perfectly with AILA’s rapping, and MIE’s voice rings during the chorus.

Continuing with an sad R&B vibe, we have Kiss (One More Kiss Mix). I love how this song employs a subtle harmony with piano in the background. AILA’s rapping is much slower in this song.

As a side note, I recommend listening to the instrumental version of Tsunaida Te. This song completely blew my mind and it helps to listen to the instrumental to fully appreciate the orchestration of the song.

Overall: This is the best R&B single I have heard all year.  This single shows that despite their “hip-hop” genre, Lil’B is an incredibly versatile duo. They’re pop, hip-hop, R&B, and kick-ass. Excellent job Lil’B!

Rating: 9.5/10

Track List:

1. Tsunaida Te
2. Last Letter
3. KISS ( one more kiss mix )
4. Tsunaida Te ( TV version )
5. Tsunaida Te ( karaoke )


Lil’B- Tsuinaida Te

2009年 11月 4日

So if any of you has been watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, you’ve probably realized by now that this is the 3rd ending to the series. It’s currently my latest obsession and I can’t wait until I can download it (the comp with all my music is being fixed). So… enjoy the awesomeness