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JASMINE- Dreamin’

2010年 5月 16日

She kinda reminds me of a ganguro gyaru… although I do like the outfit.

Yes, a ballad from JAS! Dreamin’, unlike her previous Christian covers, is a well produced song. It showcases JASMINE’s natural vocal talent and versatility. Although there were a couple of points in the song where I questioned her vocal control (it could very well have been a stylistic decision), she has a great voice. The highlight of this song was during the middle, when a choir breaks out and we get a Gospel kind of feel. It’s not tacky though… on the contrary it’s artfully done. Good work girl!

Now we have probably my favorite b-side from JASMINE, L.I.P.S. This is an upbeat, sassy number, that embodies her sexier side. Some of the lyrics are a little silly and her English is a bit off at times, but this song does not lack attitude. I especially love the “cheerleader” section of the song… so cute.

Last of all we have a remix of JAS’ first single, Sad to Say. Sad to Say [BUZZER BEATS remix] is a chilled out version of the original. There aren’t too many noticeable differences between the two versions aside from the jazz-like instrumentals. Not an amazing remix, but still a great song.

Overall: You’re back in my good graces, girl. Now how about an album?!

Rating: 9/10

Track list:

  1. Dreamin’
  2. L.I.P.S.
  3. sad to say [BUZZER BEATS Remix]

JASMINE- Jealous

2010年 4月 7日

I love this cover. JASMINE is one fierce lady =D

Ok now I see that Utada inspiration in JASMINE’s music. Jealous is a smooth and sexy R&B track reminiscent of Utada’s early work. It’s not as intense or in-your-face as THIS IS NOT A GAME, but it’s still a hot track. Although I do wish they wouldn’t do so much vocal layering in her voice (kind of like what Avex does with Ayumi Hamasaki, but more extreme). Good track!

Jesus Christ. No, really. I need you to survive is another cover of a bad Christian song (then again aren’t they all bad??) No, JAS, you do NOT need God to survive… you need decent singles to survive in the industry! I miss Koi, I’m in luv wit you, What you want… where the hell did those songs go? On the bright side I do like how these show off JASMINE’s natural vocal talent. I want to see some ballads from JASMINE… but some original non-Gospel ones. This better be the final stint JASMINE!

Overall: Seriously JASMINE, you are too talented to be wasting time on Christian covers! More original material please! The only thing I’m praying for is for you to axe these b-sides.

Rating: 7/10

Track list:

  2. I Need You to Survive


2010年 3月 3日

I have the cover art here a little bit bigger than normal, only because I wanted to point out the details of her outfit. JASMINE’s getting stranger and stranger with her outfit choices…

So THIS IS NOT A GAME is the biggest “WTF” single of the year so far. On one hand we have a kick-ass club song and on the other we have one of Christian worship. Here we go…

I first listened to TINAG from the PV. I might review the PV just because it was so outrageous. This synth heavy song was accompanied by numerous pole dancers on a carousel and overall the song had a very sexual feel. This is JAS’s darkest song to date and I like its direction. It also stands out from her previous songs because of the more electronic sound. So yeah I’ll say it… best song in her career so far. She cites Hikki as an inspiration, but I’m thinking more Kuu on this one xD.

That being said, we now come to her worst song: MY LIFE, MY LOVE, MY ALL. This had the possibility to be a great song. JASMINE sings without any sort of vocal distortion or layering (and who know… she can sing). Also, this song is completely acoustic, making use of an acoustic guitar. The entire song is in English (a language in which she can sing well)… but that’s also the song’s fault. Although I am an atheist, I was raised as a Catholic. Even in my Catholic days I HATED modern Christian worship songs (I was, and still am, a fan of the old classical stuff). But this thing is cheesy as hell and is completely about Jesus. Now I don’t necessarily have anything against the alleged “son of God,” but this song made me want to shoot myself in the face. Also… I find it very odd that she is wearing a devil costume and dances alongside pole dancers in the A-side. Paradoxical much??

Overall: Oh JASMINE this could have been perfect… THIS IS NOT A GAME was genius, but you killed the single with your b-side. Please no more religious songs T_T. I don’t really have anything against Christianity… just its music.

Rating: 5.5/10

Track list:


Best of 2009: B-sides and other stuff

2010年 1月 3日

Here’s the 3rd part to my 5-part “Best of 2009” installment! This time I’m focusing on B-sides and album-only tracks.  There are a couple more bonus categories I didn’t know where else to put (best collaboration and such). Again, nothing is in any particular order.

  • Gunjou no Tani (acoustic ver.)- alan (Gunjou no Tani)
  • SYOUKUBENI (shot in one take)– Dir en grey (Hageshisa to, Kono Mune no Naka de Karamitsuita Shakunetsu no Yami)
  • mute– Mihimaru GT (Torokechau Dandy)
  • Pied Piper– Plastic Tree (Sanatorium)
  • I– salyu (extension)
  • KISSES– stephanie. (Pride ~a part of me~)

  • Shiroki Yuu Utsu- the GazettE (DIM)
  • suki– Rie fu (Urban Romantic)
  • Akizakura (cosmos)– Ikimono Gakari (Hajimari no Uta)
  • Driving– Koda Kumi (Trick)
  • Drella– alice nine. (Vandalize)
  • COPY THAT– Namie Amuro (Past<Future)

There were a number of new artists this year… but as the title suggests I’ve only considered the artists who had the strongest debuts (I chose 5). I don’t consider artists like alan to be “new artists” since her work was well known way before her debut album. Artists like Mao Denda (who apparently released stuff about 9 years ago) are eligible because they made themselves known in 2009.  It’s a bit confusing, but it makes sense in my mind ._.

  • MiChi
  • Kana Nishino
  • Kizuki Minami
  • Lil’ B

Those where my three “main” categories. Here are the other ones (basically I was just too lazy to make graphics for categories with only one or two winners).

Best Collaboration: Ima Demo Aitai Yo– Yuna Ito feat. Spontania

Best Revival: UnsraW
Best appearance on anime: Again– YUI
Best Instrumental/Interlude: —anten.– Plastic Tree, Tenyou ~Interlude~– alan, INTRODUCTION FOR TRICK– Koda Kumi
Best Remix: romantic (strings ver.)– Rie fu, Days 8-bits of tears YMCK remix– Ayumi Hamasaki



2009年 11月 2日

I love this cover… it kinda has a modern fairy vibe for me. Yeah I know she’s  not wearing wings or anything, but just look at the ivy ;_; Anyway… it’s better than having her bra hanging out in the last one. I also think she looks older here… nice improvement, JAS!

So the first thing I thought of when I heard No More was that this was a sequel to her debut single, Sad to Say, and let me say that is a DAMN good thing. Of course, I don’t know officially if this a sequel, but there are a lot of hints in the two songs that indicate some sort of connectivity. For example, she uses similar pitch techniques (going up and down a lot) as in Sad to Say. Also, in Sad to Say, JAS says “Cry, cry cry,” numerous times throughout the song, and No More says “No more cry.” So basically, in my opinion No More is the happy ending to Sad to Say. It kind of reminds me of Koda Kumi’s Someday in her quartet of one-single-one-week deal a few years ago.

CLUBBIN’, the second A-side on the single, sounds like it should be a dance track. However, this song takes the direction of a rock track. I disliked this song for the most part… mostly because it reminded me of an American rock song from the ’80s. I have a deep hatred for Western rock music (if you think you can get away with a song riding on three basic chords then you’re out of your mind).  We do get a lot of JASMINE rapping. It’s different, but not bad.

Lastly we have What You Want? For the love of GOD JASMINE… stop making song titles using “street slang.” I am pretty sure you don’t speak like that on a normal basis <_<.  Anyway, the song itself isn’t that bad. It reminds me of a laid-back R&B track Utada Hikaru might have done earlier in her career (lol JASMINE even says “time limit” in her song). Not my favorite track… but I still think she can make a successful slow R&B track in the future.

Overall: No More is golden, but CLUBBIN’ drastically brings down the grade of the single. What You Want isn’t my favorite… but maybe I’ll catch onto it later.

Rating: 7/10

Track list:

1. No More
3.  what you want?