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[Single] Girugamesh – COLOR

2010年 7月 20日

Hello! I realize that we haven’t posted in a while so here you go. This has been out for a little while now, but I wanted to get some more listens in before reviewing it.

COLOR starts off with vocals right off. They’re harmonizing already, so I kinda got caught off guard a little the first time. Anyway, they proceed into a heavy rock melody and go into a very upbeat theme. This song is a bit interesting in the fact that it keeps switching from lighter (major) rock to heavy (minor) themes. If someone weren’t paying attention much they might think that this was a couple completely different songs. Still some pretty cool stuff though.

Sunrise…. oh when they do experimental stuff. This doesn’t suit them at all. The fast percussion and dance-like guitar parts all just add to the theme which is like island dance music. Ugh, just not a good thing to hear from a band that is known for heavier music… or any band really. The guitar parts are pretty active, but the beat just keeps it in island theme. No matter what else happens in this song, to me it still sounds like something from the tropics.

Flower is the last song up. It starts with the band playing the main theme. The guitars do some pretty cool stuff in this song. If you pay attention to them you’ll hear them play a variety of riffs and chords. The vocal melody is okay, nothing too special in my opinion. I think that about covers it for this song….

Overall: We get some interesting guitar parts in all the songs. Good balance, but I think that they could have shortened the songs to keep it more interesting. They really need to not experiment.

Rating: 7.5/10

2.) Sunrise
3.) Flower (フラワー)



[Album] Girugamesh – Now

2010年 1月 15日

Well, I have no idea why they did a cover like this, but whatever.

The intro to this album now was kind of strange. It starts with a distorted recording in English and goes into a techno beat with some spread out heavy guitar chords. At the end, it immediately segues into…

bit crash. It starts out with the same sort of synthesized/electro feel then transitions into giru’s usual style of rock. A bit on the heavier side and with more bass presence. Pretty short song, but I like it.

NO MUSIC NO REASON sounds more like one of their songs from their previous album MUSIC. They employed electro effects to go with rock. There is much less vocal range in their verses on this song though. Closer to the end they play a short heavy rock riff.

The next song, ALIVE, was a single. It seems to follow their traditional style. Vocals are sung, kind of rapped/spoken fast, and shouted out. The band plays a pretty repetitive accompaniment. It fits well with what Satoshi sings, but if it were by itself… I don’t know. Near the end there is a short section in which the band drops out and it’s pretty much electro with vocals.

I think i can fly… My first thought is that song ‘I believe I can fly’. Anyway, it starts off with a synthesized intro and turns into a heavier rock song. The tempo is slower than the others thus far, which makes it kind of a relief. Great song in my opinion. The vocals are good and the accompaniment of it is more interesting.

The next song, BEAST makes use of some female voices introducing and later making entrances throughout the song. Again, the band’s part is on the repetitive side, but with Satoshi it’s okay. They break off later to do a short heavier section that is more instrument based.

Acoustic guitars in a Girugamesh song? That’s pretty unusual, but very welcome to the ears. nobody is somewhat similar to crying rain. Satoshi raps a little bit in the beginning and then sings. The chorus of this song is what reminds me of crying rain.

Suiren was the b-side to the single, BORDER. It starts off with a short intro with guitar and some electronic effects then transitions into a catchy tune. There are vocal parts that sound like they would be in a pop song, but it’s still completely rock. A short guitar solo is about 3/4 of the way through. Near the end the band’s harmonies become a bit more interesting.

Next we had DIRTY STORY. It started off with a synthesized, then full-band intro. Synth completely drops out after  short time. The guitar tone is on the heavier side and vocals are rather interesting. “I want to be a sincere man” is shouted out. Overall, a good song.

GAME is another song which is more spoken/rapped than actually sung. Satoshi does it to a very bass-heavy accompaniment. Approaching the middle we get some variation, vocals are sung more prominently and the guitars do more complex melody/harmony.

driving time is a more active song. We hear some slap-bass throughout the song. Aoliwa said that the chorus of this song was similar to one of Uverworld’s. I don’t think that they did this on purpose though.

Last up was arrow. The intro is somewhat misleading being minor but then actually playing in a major key. This song is catchier than the rest and the vocals stand out much more. The guitars are also more interesting to listen to. More overall complexity make this a great song.

Rating: 8.5/10


  1. “NOW [Intro]” 1:40
  2. “bit crash” 2:22
  3. “NO MUSIC, NO REASON” 3:41
  4. “ALIVE” 4:46
  5. “I think I can fly” 3:39
  6. “BEAST” 3:14
  7. “nobody” 3:44
  8. “Suiren” 3:52
  9. “DIRTY STORY” 3:30
  10. “GAME” 3:43
  11. “driving time” 3:57
  12. “arrow” 4:10


Best of 2009: Albums

2010年 1月 1日

Best albums of 2009 (not necessarily in order) from left to right

  1. alan- Voice of Earth
  2. Yuna Ito- Dream
  3. Ayumi Hamasaki- NEXT LEVEL
  4. the GazettE- DIM
  5. alice nine.- Vandalize
  6. Namie Amuro- Past<Future
  7. Nothing’s Carved in Stone- Parallel Lives
  8. rie fu- Urban Romantic
  9. Mai Fukui- My Song for You
  10. Girugamesh- Now
  11. Younha- Growing Season (Honorary Korean Masterpiece)

Honorable Mentions

Ikimono Gakari- Hajimari no Uta
Koda Kumi- Trick
Ayaka Hirahara- My Classics


Best of 2009: singles

2009年 12月 31日

Well I haven’t been reviewing on account of I’ve been on vacation =]. Anyway, now that I’m back and Kowezhi has decided to go party without me (<_<) I’ll spend my New Year’s Eve writing “best of”s. I’ll do singles holistically. I may add a category for b-sides or album-only tracks. None of them are in any particular order… just whatever comes to my mind. Also, no commentary since that would take way too long. Feel free to comment if you agree/disagree. It’s quite possible that I forgot some of the best. Mouse over the album pics to see the name of the artist/single.


Alright I really wanted this to be a “top 10” sort of deal… but 11 never hurt anyone =] If I *had* to pick a “number 1” I’d have to go with alan’s Kuon no Kawa. I mean come on.. that thing is EPIC (even if it rehashes the same two songs over and over). Also, even though I gave some singles better reviews than others I gave my top 10 based on musicianship, not necessarily the rating I gave. For example, although I enjoyed Miho Fukuhara’s Nande Nakitaku Nacchaun Darou tremendously, Hanabi Sky was clearly a more musical feat.

Honorable Mentions
Kana Nishino- Dear…/MAYBE
Onitsuka Chihiro- X/Last Melody
Lil’B- Tsunaida Te
Mika Nakshima- Overload
Salyu- Corteo ~Gyouretsu~
BoA- Eien