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BENI- lovebox

2010年 6月 14日

Classy as usual. It does remind me of the last single’s cover though… maybe she cleaned her room?

It has taken me a while to do this review, primarily because I was rather bored with BENI’s new album. Lovebox intro is kind of cute because of the playground/kid noises in the background. Aside from that it’s just a mid-paced, repetitive, R&B track. Not very memorable.

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Hitomi Tojite is the first new song on the album. It’s you’re typical BENI-R&B track with catchy lyrics. This song reminded me of too many… KIRA KIRA, Yura Yura, etc.

See the link for Yura Yura to read my review for Gimme Gimme♥.

Fortunately, the album picks up a bit with Girl’s Night feat. JAMOSA. The girl-talk in the beginning of the song reminds me of Yuna Ito’s Stuck On You. This song is a bit more upbeat than BENI’s typical works, which is a good thing. JAMOSA’s vocals aren’t perfect, but BENI’s are!

a million jewels has a more hip hop vibe, reminiscent of Western works. I found myself bored throughout most of this song because it lacked any particular engaging catch.

Kimi Ja Nakyua becomes one of the more poignant songs on the album. While the continual snapping throughout the song annoyed me to no end, the rest of the song is pretty good. The strings make this song more heartfelt and authentic, helping it standout among her numerous mid-tempo songs.

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MOVE makes me think of a toned down version of Anything goes!!, from her last album. While it does offer a break from the mid-tempo songs that dominate the first half of the album, I just wasn’t feeling it. Dislike for the most part.

We finally move into more aggressive music with break the rules. What attracted me to this song were the numerous synth affects (vocal and instrumental). There’s nothing wrong with R&B, but too much is too much sometimes. break the rules does just that in terms of what BENI usually sings.

While we don’t have a new Beautiful World on this album, he is mine is the song that comes closest. BENI tones things down a lot with this R&B number. You get a little bit of the ethereal feel with this song, making you want to relax. BENI’s vocals are on par as well (heh, well aren’t they always?)

Okay more mid-tempo stuff with My Friend. Unlike the other mid-tempo works though, I actually liked this song. There’s nothing particularly ground-breaking, but there are so many elements working together that this song comes out well.

Last brand new track is message, arguably the most sincere track on the album. Message is the closest thing you’ll get to a ballad from the new songs. I didn’t think it was anything too special, but it was a nice way to wind things down.

Finally we have Zutto Futari de unplugged ver., a beautiful arrangement of one of BENI’s most famous songs. Unplugged in this case implies lots and lots of strings (and a little piano). This is a tried and true ballad- I like it even more than the original!

Overall: Not going to lie, this was not as impressive as her last album. However, there are lots of new tracks to listen to and there’s something for everyone.

Best Tracks:

  • Girl’s Night feat. JAMOSA
  • break the rules
  • he is mine
  • zutto futari de unplugged ver.

Rating: 6.5/10

Track list:
1. Lovebox Intro
2. Yura Yura (ユラユラ)
3. Sign (サイン)
4. Hitomi Tojite (瞳とじて)
5. Gimme Gimme♥ (ギミギミ♥)
6. Girl’s Night feat. JAMOSA
7. a million jewels
8. Kimi Ja Nakya (君じゃなきゃ)
9. bye bye
10. MOVE
11. break the rules
12. he is mine
13. My Friend (マイ・フレンド)
14. Message
15. Zutto Futari de unplugged version (ずっと二人で unplugged version)


Poll: Prom King and Queen

2010年 5月 27日

So we had a little bit of a “prom court” on Tsuki no Ai. I thought it would be fun to host a shallow popularity contest, so here are the results.


Namie Amuro- 9 votes, 41%
BENI- 3 votes, 14%
Kanon Wakeshima- 3 votes, 14%
YUI- 2 votes 9%
Yuna Ito- ”
Ami Suzuki- ”
Ai Otsuka- 1 vote, 5%

I figured Namie would win… after all, she is the REAL queen of J-pop! I think I would vote for Kanon… she is releasing a new album this July!!

Now for King results… I was pretty surprised with this outcome actually…

Hero (DBSK)- 10 votes, 48%
HYDE (L’arc~en~Ciel)- 4 votes, 19%
Ruki (the GazettE)- 2 votes, 10%
Keita Tachibana (w-inds.)- 2 votes, 10%
Gackt- 1 vote, 5%
Jun Matsumoto- ”
Yuya Matsushita- Lex (okay I’m guessing on this, but I’m pretty sure it was he)
K- 0 votes =[

I did not expect Hero to win at all… didn’t expect there to be that many DBSK fan(girls) that read my blog. THEY’RE JUST ON HIATUS THEY’RE JUST ON HIATUS. I thought HYDE would win, even though he’s a bit old for prom king  =p. I would have voted for Ruki… there’s my boy!

So… that was fun. In the meantime be sure to vote in the new poll and check out our formspring!


BENI- Yura Yura/Gimme Gimme♥

2010年 5月 16日

BENI is smexii.

After a myriad of midtempo R&B tracks we finally get something a little more energetic from BENI! Yura Yura is the perfect summer song given its happy-go-lucky feel. While this tracky is catchy as hell, I can’t help but feel like I’ve heard it before. Ehh whatever, BENI my gurl,  so I’ll let it slide.

Next is another cute track, Gimme Gimme♥. This song is a little more laid-back than the a-side, and reminds me of songs like stardust for some reason. That cute+R&B style works quite well for BENI. Even though it’s a good song, it doesn’t bring as much diversity to the single as I would have liked.

Overall: BENI almost always comes out with great material, so this is no surprise. Nonetheless, neither of these songs was “outstanding” in my mind.

Rating: 6.5/10

Track list:
1. Yura Yura
2. Gimme Gimme♥
3. bye bye DJ HASEBE REMIX
4. Yura Yura (Instrumental)
5. Gimme Gimme♥ (Instrumental)


BENI: bye bye

2010年 3月 14日

Ahh this is really beautiful. Everything about this cover is so peaceful and mellow =x

bye bye is an extension of some of the work on BENI’s “debut” album. bye bye is kind of a chill R&B song with some traditional Asian undertones. The Asian influences in this song are particularly strong during the chorus with kind of an electric-sounding koto. The chorus is especially catchy and make you want to sing, “Itsumono bye bye bye…” every time you hear it. It’s nice to hear something upbeat after Sign.

Stylish has a very futuristic and ominous beginning with all the weird synth. The ominous part dissolves quickly though into an upbeat track. I think this is the closest BENI will ever get to “bubble gum” (that being said this is no where near something like Koi no Tsubomi by Koda Kumi). The electronic influence in this song is strong throughout, but definitely not overdone.

I’m not really a fan of any DJ HASEBE remixes, but this one’s not so bad. If you weren’t a fan of the ballad-like nature of the original version of Sign, then you might take to this remix. Wherein the original song the main theme was presented by piano harp now takes over, but it is accompanied by some upbeat drums and synth. This song transitions well from the previous b-side.

Overall: While there wasn’t anything “outstanding” about this single in my opinion, every song was a solid release.

Rating: 8/10

Track list:

1. bye bye
2. Stylish
4. bye bye (Instrumental)


BENI- Sign

2010年 1月 23日

So I have SAT IIs tomorrow and to relax I’ve decided to write another review just before I go to sleep. This is my first single from “BENI.” Back in 2007 or so I listened to her album Gem when she was known as Beni Arashiro. I didn’t really click with her music so I ended up getting rid of it. I’m pleased to say that this single definitely makes me want to listen to more BENI!

The cover is all around very elegant. Her outfit is pretty too.

Sign opens up as kind of a traditional ballad. The main melody isn’t too original, but pretty nonetheless. We have strings and piano of course, but because BENI does R&B we get a nice rhythm throughout the song. BENI has a really pretty voice; it reminds me a lot of Miliyah Kato’s.

Goin’ luv u is a pretty cute song, despite its horrendous title. The song is an upbeat love song with clapping throughout. My only complaint is that some of the background drums sound like they came out of an amateur music program.

Lastly, we have another edition of the re-cut A-side, KIRA☆KIRA☆ DJ HASEBE remix. I listened to the original version of this song on youtube so I could compare. Firstly, the new version is much more R&B geared. I disliked the “One-two-one-two” vocals in the background. Like many others I agree that KIRA☆KIRA☆ is kind of a weak song (but hey… it wasn’t her choice to recut it!) so there’s not much you can do in a remix for it.

Overall: I think I’ll go get the rest of BENI’s new material now!

Rating: 8/10

Track list:

  1. Sign
  2. Goin’ luv u
  4. Sign (inst)