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Ayumi Sakai– KONAYUKI

2009年 10月 30日

I really like this cover… even though it’s a little early for a Christmas single, It looks really pretty (especially her eyes). Also, the coat doesn’t look like some weird ermine thing either.

KONAYUKI begins with a cute piano intro, which soon morphs into a sweeping R&B song. This is my first single from Ayumi. It was hard for me to find info about her, but from what I know she is a model/singer. She definitely has the “model” part down, but what about the singing? Well, she has a nice voice, very soothing. However, I did not hear anything that would indicate that she has some drop-dead-break-a-glass voice. Pretty, but none too impressive. The song is very pretty, and I do get that “winter” feel without it being too overwhelming.

Next, we have ~Arigatou~ I miss you.  Now Sugawara-san, this is how a song called “arigatou” should sound. Arigatou also begins with piano, but at a slower pace. This song has a prominent beat in the background, creating that R&B feel. What I loved about this song though, is that it seems connected to KONAYUKI in that it has a winter feel too (explained by the chime/bell-y sounds in the background, almost reminding me of an R&B alan). Ayumi begins the song in English… and it’s not that bad. She has a little bit of an accent, but that’s what makes it cute.

Overall: Yaaay for Ayumi! I hope to get more stuff from her soon =]

Rating: 9/10

Track list:
02. ありがとう~I miss you~
03. KONAYUKI(Instrumental)
04. ありがとう~I miss you~(Instrumental)