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[Album] Asian Kung-Fu Generation – Magic Disc

2010年 7月 7日

Well, I’ve been slacking off since this is an album. It’s interesting that the band is on the cover this time. I don’t think they have had one with them on it yet. Very colorful!

This starts off with Shinseiki no Love Song. It’s a pretty chill song and the vocalist starts off doing this rap-like singing. The accompaniment is very sparse, using some repeating effect and having their drums avoid using the cymbals. The guitar plays chords and the bass sets the tonality with an active line. Later in the song, it becomes more active. The guitars switch to a sort of overdrive tone and play repeated chords and the bass, instead of providing a line repeats notes in your typical fashion.

Magic Disc is quite different, but still has a sort of relaxing feeling. The bass sticks out a lot, is repetitive and whatnot. It carries the tempo and makes it easy to predict what the guitars are going to play and what the vocal will sing. Still a pretty nice song to listen to though. The vocal is given an echo effect sometimes and he uses a more of his range in this song as opposed to the first one. Also, has anyone else noticed that he NEVER uses vibrato?

Soushiyo kind of lilts. I can just see it now, a bunch of people just leaning side to side. More rock-like I suppose since the guitars are featured more, but still very chill. Seems to be what they wanted. Oh yeah, there’s finally a guitar solo!

Sayonara Lost Generation is… what do ya know. Another laid-back song. The singer uses a very small range with that rapping style. The guitar and bass play pretty much the same thing, but with interspersed sections of rock. This is why it takes me so long to review these guys. Everything starts to sound very similar so I can’t listen to them long.

Here’s my review for Maigo Inu to Ame no Beat

Ahhhck… Getting sick of how little resistance there is to the ears here. On with it: Aozora to Kuroi Neko…. Another damn chill song. Well, this song is a bit more alive I think. Overall, the environment remains the same. Just a few crashes here and there and some more guitar prominence. The vocals are more melodic.

Kaku Seibutsu no Blues…. Seriously guys, can’t you do anything more fun-sounding like you used to? Repetitive bass again. Spread out guitar chords. A small synth orch buildup to just about nothing new. Slight change in vocal melody. Gah, this is getting painful.

Last Dance wa Kanashimi wo Nosete, FINALLY SOMETHING NEW. God damn. Anyway, it’s a pretty upbeat song. You get some… cow bell? percussion part. It sounds decent. At least it’s alive compared to everything before this. He uses falsetto quite a bit in this song. I don’t think that it works out too well. The backing vocals are all falsetto too.

Up next is Microphone. Another more upbeat song. Starts with a repetitive intro, which unfortunately keeps on going as the main melody. And… going into the second verse, the accompaniment is the same, but it’s okay because it changes. We get some electronic addition too. There are signs of their old style spread out. Repeating chords and some rhythm trips.

Rising Sun… I wonder why they didn’t mix these songs between the chill ones. This one is a bit unique in the fact that they use acoustic guitars for the intro and throughout the song. It sort of gets covered by the electric when that one is playing. The vocal melody is kind of awkward at times in my opinion. Rhythms remain the same most of the time and the bass does nothing interesting at all. There’s a little synth noise also. I don’t know how to describe it, but it doesn’t hurt the song at all.

Yes. Now that’s an interesting song name. Oh no, he starts it off by purposely singing off key. This is not turning out well. Only at the ends of verses he gets back on. This kind of thing is a no-no for me. I love to have a solid tonality going on. Towards the middle, it kind of sounds like a bunch of noise and weird singing. Kind of a weird song, but maybe if I give it a chance I could like it.

Daidai is the last new song we have. It sounds like their traditional style before this period of boredom. The guitar does anyway. The vocal melody sounds similar to all the rest of the song. If only he could do… or used (if he can do) vibrato. That would add quite a bit more depth to their music. There is a section which reminds me of another of their songs… I can’t come up with a name though.

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Overall: Damn, that was an ordeal to get through. There is just about nothing new, unless you like their new boring music. The song order could have been changed to keep my patience for longer.

Rating: 6/10 (This is being generous)


  1. Shinseiki no Love song
  2. Magic Disc
  3. Soshiyo
  4. Sayonara Lost Generation
  5. Maigoinu to Ame no Beat
  6. Aozora to Kuroi Neko
  7. Kaku Seibutsu no Blues
  8. Last Dance wa Kanashimi wo Nosete
  9. Microphone
  10. Rising Sun
  11. Yes
  12. Daidai
  13. Solanin



[Single] ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION – Maigo Inu to Ame no Beat

2010年 6月 14日

Ahh man…. My procrastination levels have increased by  a lot since summer started.

SO, here we have Asian Kung-Fu Generation’s newest single!! Interesting cover choice… Naked girl sitting in a cardboard box with a whole bunch of chaos about her. In any case, it’s similar to their other covers.

Maigo Inu to Ame no Beat is a rather chill song. It uses some background trumpets and has a lilting feeling to it. I kind of wonder where their punk element has gone. They have been leaning towards more pop-like sounds. In general, it has a simple form. Not something that I’d listen to all the time, but it might be one of those “I’m in the mood for this” songs. Plus it might be fun to sing all those “La’s” at the end hehe.

Ameagari no Kibou is  a more upbeat song. This is a little closer to their usual style I think. The melody is more active in this song. It still has a rather relaxed feel about it and is more involving of the band in my opinion. I don’t know what else to say for this song. Pretty average stuff to me.

Overall: Good production quality and whatnot, but nothing profound. Chill songs.

Rating: 6.5/10

1.) Maigo Inu to Ame no Beat
2.) Ameagari no Kibou




2010年 3月 24日

I love this cover. It features Meiko, the main character of the up-coming movie, Solanin (for which the single is named), drawn in traditional AKFG style.

Solanin begins with some simple, unaccompanied guitar chords. This prepares us for a song similar to Korogaru Iwa, Kimi ni Asa ga Furu (WORLD x3). The softness continues, but the drum’s upbeat rhythm keeps the song moving. Solanin is your traditional AKFG song, especially if you consider their musical style from the Sol Fa and Fanclub eras. Although I feel the song is a little to mellow to be a good song for a movie, it’s still enjoyable.

The b-side is new remix of their song Mustang. Mustang (mix for Meiko) is obviously another feature of the movie (the ending track). In contrast to the original track this mix for Meiko is more mellow, and features some slight synthetic elements. The rock sound from the guitars is lessened in this version. Also there is some slight vocal distortion in this version. Other than that the two versions are fairly comparable.

Overall: This is your traditional AKFG work. My only complaint is that these songs seem to lack the active rock flavor exhibited in some of their upbeat songs.

Rating: 7/10

Track list:

  1. Solanin (ソラニン)
  2. Mustang (mix for Meiko) (ムスタング(mix for 芽衣子))