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Hello, we’re still here… kinda

2010年 8月 31日

Hello everyone,

I figured that it’s been a while so we might as well provide some explanation for lack of updates. We have been really busy with college preparations and in fact, Aoliwa has already started classes. I’m not even at home so I won’t be updating either and I will be moving in very soon as well. I think I’ll try and get some stuff done after that, but that’s not a promise. We’ll see what happens..



Hey Y’all

2010年 8月 5日

Hi everyone! Aoliwa here.

As you’ve probably noticed, Koweizhi and I have been rather absent lately. We just got back from a Taiwanese American camp and we’ve got lots of stuff.

  • Jpop releases by: YUI, Kanon Wakeshima, Nana Mizuki, VAMPS, alan, Ayumi Hamasaki, JASMINE, Namie Amuro
  • Kpop releases by: C.N. Blue (discography), BoA, and SHINee
  • Editorials: Kpop vs. Jpop (II), Summer of Tek
  • Live reviews: D’espairsRay, Dir en grey (we get to meet them :D)
  • New Polls
  • Aoliwa’s playlists for EVERYTHING

Also Koweizhi and I are doing some recording in the next couple of days so we might post that as well. Look forward to it!!

Much 愛、




2010年 7月 11日

Well hello people! I can’t seem to fall asleep tonight…. But it’s July 11th! Translation: Free Slurpee day at 7-11! Who’s going to get some frozen goodness today? I probably am.

-KWZ, the currently sleepless.


Artist in Residence: C.N. Blue

2010年 6月 26日

After some recommendations from our beloved Tsuki no Ai readers, Aoliwa decided to check out Jrock/Krock band, C.N. Blue! I recently listened to their first Japanese single, The Way, and fell in love with the music. I’ll be reviewing their entire discography in the next couple of weeks, so keep on the look out. Also, I haven’t forgotten about Ayaka, and I’ll resume reviewing her music once I finish C.N. Blue’s. After some careful consideration, I felt that the “Artist in Residence” feature on Tsuki no Ai should really be used to promote new or underrated artists. Of course Koweizhi and I will work on discographies on the side, but we hope everyone will embrace this slight change.

Also, perhaps why I’m so stricken with C.N.Blue fever is because I have the same exact birthday as once of the members :D. Which one?




2010年 6月 21日

So here’s the thing… I’m on vacation right now. I do have internet access, but it’s pretty slow. It takes me a long time to DL releases/watch youtube vids and I obviously won’t be receiving any CDs while I’m down here. Also, it’s a bit difficult to search for images and other media because of the slow connection. I’ll do my best to get in reviews, but there will be no guarantees. Fortunately, this won’t last more than a couple weeks and I can get back to reviewing at my leisure. In the mean time, please be patient and look forward to Koweizhi’s (hopefully) regular reviews.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!




2010年 5月 24日

Yeah… so I was bored and decided I wanted to try out Formpsring. Basically you can anonymously ask me or Koweizhi anything you want! I’ll post interesting ones on the blog from time to time (i.e. Asian music related questions are always welcome).

Here’s the link:

I’ll probably keep this up as long as people ask questions + I still have interest.

Alright, ask away ^_^.



Poll: Summer’s coming, what do you do?

2010年 5月 16日

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post… I’ve been very busy with school. Thankfully I graduate this week so I’ll be back in business. This surely means summer is almost here! Personally I can’t wait for the beaches, warm weather, and cool breezes. So how will you all be celebrating everyone’s favorite time of the year?

Blast some high-energy Koda Kumi, Ayumi Hamasaki, or MiChi!- 7 votes, 37%
-seems like more of you prefer those upbeat, happy-go-lucky works of some of Japan’s most popular artists. My recommendations? Bluebird (Hamasaki), Lick Me (Koda), Why Oh Why (MiChi).

Chill out with some ethereal stuff like Utada Hikaru or salyu- 4 votes, 21%
-This stuff is great for nighttime, or when it’s just too damn hot to want anything else.
My recommendations? Beautiful World (Utada), Kairo (Utada), L.A.F.S. (salyu)

Go clubbing at night with Ami Suzuki, Perfume, or MEG ;)- 4 votes, 21%
-Apparently a few of you like the night life of summer! Hey, who could hate these queens of electropop?
My recommendations? FREE FREE (Suzuki), Edge ⊿-mix (perfume), WHY (MEG)

Imagine at the beach by listening to some Yuna Ito- 2 votes, 11%
-This would have been my choice. I love the laid-back atmosphere of her songs, especially when she lets her Hawaiian self shine through.
My recommendations? Mahaloha, miss you, BREEEEEZIN!!!!!!!

Concert hopping! Hitting every jrock concert in sight (or so I wish…)- 2 votes, 11%
-This would have been my second choice. I would love to go to Japan and see as many jrock artists as possible!
Who’s on tour? Sadie, alice nine., nightmare (not a tour, but Budokan in August!!)

So aside from music, does anyone have any cool plans for summer??