Hello, we’re still here… kinda

2010年 8月 31日

Hello everyone,

I figured that it’s been a while so we might as well provide some explanation for lack of updates. We have been really busy with college preparations and in fact, Aoliwa has already started classes. I’m not even at home so I won’t be updating either and I will be moving in very soon as well. I think I’ll try and get some stuff done after that, but that’s not a promise. We’ll see what happens..



  1. Hi!
    Personally, I think it would be quite okay if you guys can’t update all the time because ofcourse you have a personal life as well. But both of you DO deliver great work to say the least! I read some of your categories and I found out you post more than only music based reviews, and I love that. So if you find the time to read this, would you like to be affiliates with my blog? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work! =D

  2. Don’t worry ^^ A lot of people are not updating since it’s the season to “blog less and study more.” For me too, I’m on a hiatus.

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