[Single] heidi. – Yokan

2010年 7月 15日

Why hello everyone. I would just like to say that I’m sorry for reviewing so slowly. Now that I have some things going on I’m going to get this done! Don’t expect any review from me during the last week of July, I’ll be out of town. Aoliwa will be also…

Okay… Yokan starts off with a blast of sound and then proceeds into a very upbeat melody. I think it’s pretty cool. The vocal part fits in with the accompaniment great and the vocal melody is pretty interesting! The song is great, it seems to evolve a little bit as you listen, but returns back to their upbeat melody to keep the structure. The good thing about this is that because the song is on the short side, they don’t get repetitive. Awesome idea.

Kodama again starts with big sound in the beginning. They have some piano accompaniment repeating a theme while their intro is going. This song is also upbeat but has a little darker feel simply because of that piano theme. Guitars in this band tend to stand out and play some more interesting stuff than what I usually hear. In here there’s a short solo. Sounds great so far!

Ikkoku is next. Another upbeat song. It seems like this one is the happiest so far. The guitar theme stays the same for most of the song. It uses a lot of octaves in it. I gotta say, this song is probably my least favorite song because it is the most repetitive or at least I think it is.

Urban Garden 203 is the last new song we get before the instrumental version of Yokan. It starts off with a repeating guitar tune and we get the intro and stuff. The bass and kick drum make me feel like this song bounces a lot. The off-beats and the repeated notes kind of stick out from the lower part. If you guys don’t already know, I love when a band is balanced soundwise. This song is a bit too heavy on the bass. The vocal melody is pretty cool and the guitars have some pretty nice parts.

I’m not going to review the instrumental of Yokan.

Overall: Very catchy tunes and very upbeat songs. The parts are all good and are all featured decently.

Rating: 8.5/10

1.) Yokan
2.) Kodama
3.) Ikkoku
4.) Urban Garden 203
5.) Yokan (Instrumental ver.)


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