Poll Results: Your favorite Asian snack food!

2010年 7月 11日

No more Pocky left!! Oh no!

Well this week’s poll results were certainly competitive. I wanted to wait until someone broke the tie between Pocky and Instant Noodles!

Here are the results

Answer Votes
Pocky 19- 28%
Instant Noodle 18- 26%
Green Tea, Mango, or Red Bean Ice Cream 7- 10%
Hi-Chews 6- 9%
Any kind of dried fish or fish cracker 5- 7%
Pineapple, Strawberry, etc Cakes 5- 7%
Ramune Soda 2- 3%
Wasabi Peas 2- 3%
Rice Crackers 2- 3%
Dorayaki 2- 3%

My personal favorites are Hi-Chews (green apple flavor), Pineapple Cakes, and Green Tea Ice Cream ❤

I also am a fan of Ramune Soda and Instant Noodle and Pocky. I was surprised that people voted for dried fish/fish crackers. I’m not a huge fan of them, but sometimes the mood calls for it!

Anyway, yay for Asian food! It’s so yummy. What are everyone’s favorite dishes?


  1. No love for Ramune? Its my favorite! Pocky is a close second so its all okay.

    My favorite Asian dish is bean sprouts fried with teriyaki sauce and lemon juice. That’s my favorite food ever, actually.

    • That sounds yummy. I know, I wanted people to vote for Ramune too! My favorite flavor is Lychee!

  2. Pocky was obviously going to win along with Instant Noodle because more poeple know more about those snacks. ^_^

    What’s Dorayaki?

    • yeah I figured that would be the case. Dorayaki is a pancake-like snack (or meal). You take two of these pancake things and put something in the middle like a sandwich… often its some sort of red bean paste.

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