2010年 6月 25日

Curse my laziness! Got a lot to catch up on so I might as well get started.

Well, first off, I’ll say that VAMPS really likes women on their covers lately. Nothing wrong with that! She has wings with white and black feathers? Hm, maybe not a pure angel. Anyway! Here we go:

ANGEL TRIP is an active, upbeat song. Normally, I like darker styles of music, but this is really quite catchy! Hyde does a great job with vocals and the accompaniment is awesome. The guitar solos between the verses are simple but add to the energy that this song already implies. Everything seems to compliment each other greatly.

KYUKETSU -SATSUGAI VAMPS Version- Wow, I was really surprised and happy when I first heard this song. This song has a much heavier texture. Fat bass lines and lots of nice kick drum here. Hyde uses a more aggressive tone and some other effect to distort his voice more (sounds to me like doing a second recording of the same verses with a slightly different style and overlapping them). As with most metal songs, they use a distorted tone and of course, there is a solo which shows off KAZ’s talents (I think he’s the one that does the solos haha).

Overall: Very good single. The songs have a nice contrast and their energy is inspiring!

Rating: 9.5/10



One comment

  1. Definitely ten thousand times better than Devil Side! I do have a problem with the cover. The woman on the cover is gorgeous but the font.. ugh.

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