Poll Results: Battle of the Boy Bands

2010年 6月 21日

In accordance with last poll’s survey on female groups, I’ve added the male counterpart. Honestly I was kind of surprised at the results. Let’s start with the Kpop boys.

Well I’m not too versed on male kpop groups… sure I know who’s who and all that, but not too familiar with the music. Big Bang and Epik High battled it out for a while, but the winner is clear… epic win for Epik High!

Epik High- 13 votes, 43%
Big Bang- 6 votes, 20%
SS501- 5 votes, 17%
2PM/2AM/One Day- 4 votes, 13%
Super Junior- 2 votes, 7%
MBLAQ+B2ST/BEAST- 0 votes =[

Since I’m basically only familiar with 2PM and a little bit of SS501 I guess I’d have to vote for them. I’m not too into Big Bang’s style though. Heh I kind of wanted someone to vote for MBLAQ because they’re Rain’s brainchild, but whatever. Good job Epik High!

So it takes a Korean band to win for the Japanese? (heh I would have voted for them too.) These results were astonishing…

Tohoshinki- 22 f*ing votes, 76%
KAT-TUN- 3 votes, 10%
Arashi- ”
NEWS- 1 vote, 3%
Hey! Say! JUMP + w-inds.- 0 votes =[

I really didn’t expect them to win by that big of a margin. Although they are on hiatus right now, I look forward to each of the member’s future endeavors.

So, was there a band or group that should have been on the ballot for “Best of the Best”?
Also, since I’m not too familiar with Kpop boy bands, what are each bands best songs?


    except not -_-; I have yet to go through all of their discography.

    but here are my favorites for each one 🙂

    Epik High: uhhh I’m actually pitifully not familiar with their stuff. I’ve been meaning to get to it though.
    Big Bang: Lies. hands down. some will probably disagree with me though.
    SS501: Love Like This? fun and catchy. or Making a Lover. I don’t know why.
    2PM: I Hate You. or 10 out of 10.
    2AM: Confession of a Friend
    Super Junior: mmm… It’s You
    MBLAQ: mmm… I liked G.O.O.D. Luv. haven’t listened to the entirety of their new album.
    B2ST/BEAST: I liked their debut, Bad Girl. And one of their OST songs, Crazy.

    • omg thank you so much! That was really detailed; I’ll be sure to get those songs right away ^_^

      • No problem 🙂

        If you’re not familiar with K-pop, you NEED to check out F.T. Island and CN Blue. Like now. Both artists have done Japanese releases and Korean releases… my favorites by them happen to be their Korean songs.

        F.T. Island’s I Hope:

        and CN Blue’s Love (my personal favorite is Sweet Holiday but there’s no MV for that…) :

  2. DBSK were bound to win. But why didn’t you class them with the Korean artists? Why just the Japanese ones?

    • heh well in previous polls DBSK didn’t do so well xD
      Anyway I classified them in the Japanese boy bands because that’s where their most recent work was. They not only marketed themselves in Japan, but owned in Japan by taking numerous number 1 spots on the Oricon. Also, I felt like a lot of Japanese boy bands were not as strong… a lot of JE bands are older and I thought that people might have a harder time relating to them in the poll.

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