YUI- to Mother

2010年 6月 14日

awww she looks so sweet =]

Alright, I just want to say that I LOVE everything about this single. to Mother hits close to home for me because I feel the same way about my mother, who has worked so hard as a single mother. Musically, we have NO GUITARS. That’s right, we’ve got a piano acoustic song. Well our YUI is multi-talented, so I say go for it! This is a gorgeous ballad in every sense of the word, and one of her best tracks to date.

Tonight is a complete contrast to the a-side. This is probably YUI’s most rock-fueled track because of the aggressive electric guitars. If I were to place this song into one of her era’s I’d probably put it in the “Can’t buy my love” era because of its sass and attitude. While I wish this song were longer (it’s only 2 min 39 sec), YUI uses every second to the fullest.

While I don’t think we necessarily need an “acoustic” version of GLORIA, GLORIA ~YUI Acoustic Version~ takes a great song and quiets it down a little. Since GLORIA is such a strong song it can handle the toned-down instrumentals. Still a great song, so I’m not complaining!

Overall: Amazing work from YUI. Everyone go buy this now!
Rating: 10/10

Track list:

1. to Mother
2. Tonight
3. GLORIA ~YUI Acoustic Version~
4. to Mother ~Instrumental~


One comment

  1. I loved everything about it too. I’m glad that YUI isn’t afraid to venture outside of the norm and try something that doesn’t have her usual sound. A lot of artists stick to the same tired sound these days.

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