Miho Fukuhara- Mirai/Moshikashite

2010年 6月 8日

Not a flattering angle girl =/

It took me a while to review this single because I just couldn’t get into Miho’s music this time. Don’t get me wrong, I love this girl, but this single paled in comparison to some of her other works. Mirai is reminiscent of Angela Aki with the upbeat piano melody. At first I thought “Yeah this is a sweet song, but what of it?” I’m a big fan of the chorus though, which adds some life (read: rock) to this song. Mirai earns a passing grade.

I think Moshikashite was too much folk for me this time around. This song has a laid back, summer-like feel to it, but perhaps a bit to happy/innocent for my tastes at the moment? At least Miho’s vocals are great as usual. The chorus has a nice mood though.

Next we have Taema Naku. I loved this song because of its sad-sweetness. This is the slowest song of the three original tracks (and takes the place of her typical Western cover). What’s nice about this song (aside from the great acoustic instruments) is that it shows that Miho can do soft vocals in addition to the strong, brazen ones we see in the chorus of Mirai.

Miho has been experimenting with dance remixes of her songs, and that’s where Mirai (STUDIO APARTMENT remix) comes into play. While this kind of stuff worked well with Nande Nakitaku Nacchaun Darou, Mirai sounds kind of weird with such an active dance beat.

Overall: This single has its flaws, but Mirai and Taema Naku more than make up for it.

Rating: 7/10

Track list:

1. Mirai
2. Moshikashite
3. Taemanaku
5. Mirai (Instrumental)

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