4minute- Hit Your Heart

2010年 6月 4日

I like this cover for the most part (even if it looks like they’re all photoshopped). At least they’re trendy, right?

Who’s Next? (feat. 비스트) is kind of an annoying hip hop track in my opinion. I would have enjoyed this track MUCH more had it not been for the horrendous male vocals (yeah not a fan of B2ST). Overall this track seemed a bit sloppy and rushed (it’s only 2 min). It has a nice moment about half-way through, but unfortunately it doesn’t last long enough.

Now we’re talking. HuH is a sexy, upbeat, dance track. The verses are sassy and aggressive, while the chorus has a lot of passion and power. This song has hip hop influences, but thanks to the vocals of 4minute and background synth we have a much more dance-friendly track. Easily the best track of the album.

Invitation continues with a streak of solid hip hop based dance tracks. Invitation is much more aggressive than the previous track because of its “in the club” feel. The rappers of the group (Hyuna, Sohyun, Jiyoon) a chance to shine.

My second favorite track on the album is I My Me Mine. This track is much more my style because we’re in the electronic/dance genre. This song is incredibly infectious, and I was completely impressed. What I like about this song is that it has a style with which the girls are comfortable, but still maintains originality.

Things lighten up a bit with Bababa. To me I think of your typical happy Koda Kumi song when I hear this song. This song isn’t necessarily a standout, but at least it’s memorable.

4minute hits us with another stellar track with Highlight. As this song says, Highlight is “hot hot hot hot.” While I’m normally a critic of vocal editing (and even the affects are a little much here) it’s done in good taste.

Last we have 태연하게 당연하게 (Cool and Natural), the slow track of the album. This song has a laid back romantic feel to it, fairly typical kpop fare. I liked the smooth rapping sections in the song because I thought they gave the song some nice contrast.  I still don’t understand how a ballad can be only 4:03 min ._.

Overall: Outstanding work by 4minute! I’d recommend this to anyone eager to try Kpop
Rating: 9/10

Best tracks:

  • HuH
  • I My Me Mine
  • Highlight

Track list:

  1. Who’s Next? feat. Beast
  2. HuH
  3. Invitation
  4. I My Me Mine
  5. Bababa
  6. Highlight
  7. Taeyeonghage Dangyeonhage


  1. Yay, we had the same favorite tracks! 😀 This mini is marvelous. ❤

    • great minds think alike =]

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