KAT-TUN- Going!

2010年 6月 1日

I actually like the theme of this cover. You can see all the members clearly and in detail, which is an issue they’ve had on some of their other covers where they try to feature full body shots of all the members.

Aside from the obnoxious shouting in the beginning, Going! isn’t too bad. It’s not completely ground-breaking because it’s just like your traditional summer song. That being said it’s a decently fun song, but has too much autotune for my taste. Not a bad song, but I felt bored throughout its duration.

FALL DOWN is much more my style. If you’re a fan of KAT-TUN’s more aggressive rock tunes then you’ll definitely love this song. Not only is this song extremely well done, but it could actually pass for a real rock song (not just that synth rock stuff boy bands usually do). The chorus is sexy as hell; I thoroughly enjoyed this song.

With kind of an abrupt change of pace, we have SMILE, the obligatory (?) slow song. SMILE begins with a beautiful piano intro, which cascades into a mid-paced R&B song. KAT-TUN is very comfortable with this style of song, and it shows. My only complaint is that it reminds me too much of “boy bands” as opposed to “KAT-TUN.” This was my second favorite song on the single.

Overall: FALL DOWN should have been the a-side, by a long shot. SMILE isn’t bad either… my only real issues with this single were with Going!
Rating: 6.5/10

Track list:

1. Going!
4. Going! (Instrumental)
5. FALL DOWN (Instrumental)

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