ayaka- Real Voice

2010年 6月 1日

Could this girl be any more beautiful?

Real voice is ayaka’s first foray into a more rock-folk sound. Real voice is one of those songs that isn’t overly cheery, but still makes you feel great after listening to it. The laid back feel of this song makes me think of warm summer days. The chorus of this song is great– it’s easy to learn and fun to sing-along.

Peace loving people has never caught my attention as some of ayaka’s other songs have. It’s not a bad song, more that I don’t understand the concept as well. It’s actually quite pretty though. For the most part it’s just ayaka with a soothing piano melody, and perhaps a couple guitars or brass instruments. Peace loving people is one of those songs that you overlook the first time you hear it, but it soon grows on you. Have I mentioned this girl has a hell of a voice?

Overall: Yet another solid single from the beautiful ayaka.
Rating: 9/10

One comment

  1. She always puts out the most poignant stuff. 🙂

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