Arashi- Monster

2010年 5月 31日

Finally a HQ Arashi cover! I love how dark it is, and all the boys look so professional.

I was really excited to review Monster. For me Arashi is either hit or miss. Some of their songs are too upbeat and happy for my tastes, but Monster is the perfect blend among dark, light, and seduction. There’s a nice blend of sexy and sweet during the chorus, and great harmonization from the boys. For some reason whenever I listen to this song I’m reminded of L’arc~en~ciels Drink it Down. What’s great about this song is that it tells a story; it isn’t just a bunch of mindless lyrics. Basically… I love Arashi!

Spiral is a nice compliment to Monster. We still have that blend of sexy and dark, but this time with a more Latin flair. I’m not big on fusion stuff, but Arashi could make even bossa nova sexy. Yeah… pretty spicy song.

Overall: What’s not to love?

Rating: 8.5/10

Track list:

  1. Monster
  2. スパイラル
  3. Monster [inst]
  4. スパイラル [inst]


  1. I’m glad you like this single. I must admit that, even though Arashi’s music was what helped draw me to them at the start when I didn’t know anything about them, now I love them first and foremost as idols and Jpse TV variety personalities. Since I’m biased, I naturally find it easy to like their new releases. (^_^)”

    That said, I wasn’t too sure about MONSTER when I first heard it, but I love it more with every listen and especially after watching the Making-of which was on the LE – listening to parts of the song playing constantly throughout the video helped to make the song stick in my head.

    I’m also happy that you like Spiral, I haven’t found too many reviews that are favourable towards it but I think it’s quite a decent B-side.

    • Very detailed comment, I like it =]
      I think everyone has a weakness for that artist or band that first introduced them to Japanese music. For me that’s L’arc~en~ciel and I’ll argue until the day I die that “READY STEADY GO” is one of the greatest songs ever made.

      Anyway in terms of Arashi I actually hated them at first (I downloaded Arashic, which I did not like). But after I got “Truth” I began to love their music a lot (that’s still my fav Arashi song). Also I like Ohno’s acting Maou ^_^

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