[Single] D’espairsRay – LOVE IS DEAD

2010年 5月 25日

Well, this was a rather interesting single in my opinion. Cover is rather plain. Four chairs and some lines with no relevance to the title? Whatever. On with it!

LOVE IS DEAD, I swear, has to be a cover of Dead or Alive’s “You spin me right round”. You can check it out below:

In any case, the melody and harmonies are EXACTLY THE SAME. They lyrics are completely different, yes. The style is a little bit difference, yes. But otherwise… No, not a completely original song.

MEDICINE starts off with something i would expect to hear in some lolita group. When the group actually starts playing it sounds like their traditional style: more rhythmic than melodically hard. The vocal melody isn’t very exciting or profound to me. An okay song, but nothing particularly outstanding.

Last up is CROSSED ARROWS. This song was my favorite off the single. It shows a bit more variety with what they produce. The guitar sounds a bit brighter in this song (probably because its playing higher notes). And the lower drums have a very nice deep sound. There is a quiet section, which is followed by a significantly more active one. Quite a bit more melody in this song than the other two.

Overall: Aside from the cover of “You spin me right round”, the other two songs were pretty good.

Rating: 7.75/10


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