Ikimono Gakari- Arigatou

2010年 5月 23日


What was the point of this single? Let’s review:

  • No b-side
  • it’s a ballad
  • sounds like every other Ikimono Gakari single
  • relies on the same instrumental and melodious fall backs
  • boring
  • forgettable (except not really, because you can listen to any other ballad on the planet and get the same effect)

I don’t usually like to bash artists or bands, especially since Ikimono Gakari is one of the more talented groups out there. However, this is an entirely pointless single. Now, like all Ikimono Gakari songs, this one is well produced and has a cute instrumental break in the middle. Nevertheless, this is hardly an original song. We’ve heard this familiar formula not only from Ikimono Gakari, but from several other artists. This song is not a standout and cannot survive on its own as a-side (let alone without a b-side). /rant . -_-”

Overall: better luck next time.

Rating: 5/10


  1. Arigatou
  2. Arigatou -instrumental-

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