MiChi- All about the Girls ~Iijanka Party People~/Together Again

2010年 4月 21日

Ahh really weird cover MiChi… it makes more sense once you’ve seen the PV.

I would just like to say that this is MiChi’s BEST single to date. Originally I was NOT a MiChi fan. I wasn’t too into the electronic stuff and thought her singing in Japanese was a little sloppy, but she has since become one of my favorite artists. Anyway, I am honored to write a review for such a stellar single. All about the girls ~Iijanka Party People~ is the most unique song in MiChi repertoire. It’s a mix of electronica , dance, pop, and a little bit of scatting. This song is highly infectous and catchy. Also, the upbeat rhythm makes this song great for dancing. This song has been arranged and performed exquisitely.

The second A-side, Together again takes things down a notch in terms of tempo. The plucking strings and laid-back rhythm give this song an Asian feel to it. Also, this song has a heartfelt quality to it, similar to that of YOU.  Although I still wouldn’t say that MiChi has fully developed a “ballad” voice quite yet, this is certainly a way to integrate her way into slower songs.

With a title like dance DANCE! you’d expect some sort of house mix, right? That’s not the case with this song. Although not laid-back, the song has a much heavier beat, preventing it from becoming another All about the Girls. This song is a nice blend of acoustic and electronic instrumentals.

Overall: I’ve got the MadNesS for this single! Quite possibly the best single (IMO) we’ve seen in 2010 so far.

Rating: 10/10

Track list:

  1. All about the Girls ~Iijanka Party People~
  2. Together again
  3. dance DANCE!
  4. All about the girls ~Iijanka Party People~ (Instrumental)
  5. Together again (Instrumental)
  6. dance DANCE! (Instrumental)

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