alan- 蘭色~Love Moon Light~

2010年 4月 16日

I have a feeling that dress is really cute, but whoever did the lighting for this shoot should be fired <_<

First song we have is 我的月光 (I have no idea what the pinyin tracks are for these songs, so if someone could help me out I’d appreciate it!). I’m really happy with this new direction that alan has taken with this Chinese mini-album. We are back to a much more folksy and natural sounding alan. This first track is a ballad, and has this very mysterious opening. The song is mostly occupied by piano, but it’s absolutely gorgeous. The chorus is epic. This is one of alan’s best ballads to date IMO (and we know she’s had a LOT of those).

炫影~Sharp Light~ begins with this graceful piano solo, preparing us for a ballad. This song has numerous Asian undertones in the melody. Although traditional instruments weren’t necessarily prevalent, the plucking of the harp and other string instruments brings us back to alan’s folk roots. The verses are the best parts of the song because they really carry a story.

有Me就好 is the obligatory (?) pop track on the album, and consequently my least favorite. It’s not a bad song, but not my style. It’s very poppy and up and positive and let’s-go-shopping-and-be-cute-lalala. Truth be told it’s pretty catchy, but most of you know by now how I feel about bubble gum pop. What I do like about this song are the jazz elements incorporated in the instrumentals.

落單的翅膀 is a mix of folk and modern pop-rock. We don’t get much guitar action in alan’s Japanese works, so the acoustic flavor of this song works really well. The melody combines folk elements with modern melodies, which is pretty cool. The choruses switch from acoustic guitar into electric, giving the song an edgier sound.

The next two tracks are the Chinese covers of to songs on her last Japanese album, My Life. Nobody knows but me was kind of the least favorite track for a lot of people, but it was my favorite track off the album ._. The instrumentals are the same this time (often they are altered in alan’s Chinese versions). The Chinese actually flows quite well in this song, and alan takes more vocal freedoms. There’s this one part where she sounds like she’s about to cry; it was so raw. Also, unlike many of alan’s Chinese versions, the mountain wails are still here!

Lastly is my other favorite track from the album, My Life. Personally I prefer the Japanese version because I feel like it flows better with the instrumentals. Anyway, this song is still as beautiful as the Japanese version.

Also, this album includes 炫影~Sharp Light~piano only version, which is a gorgeous listen as well.

Overall: I think the old alan is coming back =] No more ayu treatment, ‘kay?

Rating: 9/10

Track list:

1. 我的月光
2. 炫影~Sharp Light~
3. 有Me就好
4. 落單的翅膀
5. Nobody Knows But Me
6.My Life
7. 炫影~Sharp Light~piano only version



  1. I agree with you on the cover, she looks ghostly!

    I am going to give this a listen when I get time. I’m dreadfully behind on keeping up with her Chinese stuff.

    • Yeah I didn’t bother getting her Chinese remake albums. I got her first Mandarin album (which is a cover album) and thought it was pretty bad ._.

      • The reason Sheng Sheng (her indies cover album) was so bad was because all the songs she sang besides Ni Dao Di Ai Shi Shei were old “classic” mandopop hits from the 80s… and the mandopop fad in the 80s were mainly dull, monotonous love songs with an incredibly slow beat -_-
        thank god that since the 2000s cpop hasnt been like that.

  2. This EP was way better than the “remake” album (which I didn’t like which was weird since I loved Voice of EARTH).

    • Yeah… I feel like the original songs were just meant to be in Japanese.

  3. I personally like Sharp Light piano version than the other one..

  4. Here’s the pinyin if you want it:
    1. Wŏ De Yuè Guāng (My Moonlight)
    2. Xuàn Yǐng (Dazzling Shadow)
    3. Yŏu ME Jiù Hǎo (It’s Fine As Long As You Have ME)
    4. Luò Dān De Chìbǎng (A Fallen Wing)

    I searched it up on Jpop Stop! Wiki.
    Hope that helped 😀

  5. Go to see she’s not Hamasaki-esque anymore.

    I love the pun in the album title! 蘭色 (lan se) means blue-coloured, and 阿蘭 (a lan) is alan’s chinese surname which is written with the same ‘lan’! so the album name can be translated as alan-coloured 😛

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