JASMINE- Jealous

2010年 4月 7日

I love this cover. JASMINE is one fierce lady =D

Ok now I see that Utada inspiration in JASMINE’s music. Jealous is a smooth and sexy R&B track reminiscent of Utada’s early work. It’s not as intense or in-your-face as THIS IS NOT A GAME, but it’s still a hot track. Although I do wish they wouldn’t do so much vocal layering in her voice (kind of like what Avex does with Ayumi Hamasaki, but more extreme). Good track!

Jesus Christ. No, really. I need you to survive is another cover of a bad Christian song (then again aren’t they all bad??) No, JAS, you do NOT need God to survive… you need decent singles to survive in the industry! I miss Koi, I’m in luv wit you, What you want… where the hell did those songs go? On the bright side I do like how these show off JASMINE’s natural vocal talent. I want to see some ballads from JASMINE… but some original non-Gospel ones. This better be the final stint JASMINE!

Overall: Seriously JASMINE, you are too talented to be wasting time on Christian covers! More original material please! The only thing I’m praying for is for you to axe these b-sides.

Rating: 7/10

Track list:

  2. I Need You to Survive

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