Ai Otsuka- Zokkondition/LUCKY☆STAR

2010年 4月 7日

My girl is back!! Heh not sure how I feel about the platinum blond look (prefer a more natural Ai), but at least it’s a fun cover.

Zokkondition is a fun pop-rock number, but it’s still original from her other material. If you’ve ever been a fan of CHU-LIP, ponpon, or Frienger you’ll love this track. In good Ai-fashion this song makes you want to dance and be happy ^_^. IMO this is a strong comeback after a year of stagnant releases.

LUCKY☆STAR is a really cool track. Although this song has been out since the Olympics, it’s still such a fresh piece of material. While it incorporates guitar, it’s much more laid-back. We don’t get too many songs like this from Ai-chin, so we should enjoy them to the fullest. LUCKY☆STAR also employs a number of synthetic instrumentation, giving the chorus a futuristic feel. This track might be better than the A-side.

Overall: This is a great single to get you pumped for sun and summer weather. This is one of the more comforting “comeback” single’s I’ve heard this year.

Rating: 9/10

Track list:

  1. Zokkondition
  3. Zokkondition (Instrumental)
  4. LUCKY☆STAR (Instrumental

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