Utada Hikaru- Boku wa Kuma (a special April post)

2010年 4月 1日

This is definitely one of Utada’s finer covers. The way the bear’s blue eyes glisten in the light is awe-inspiring. It is a total reflection of the high caliber of musicality in this single.

I have been wanting to review Boku wa Kuma for quite some time. This song is Utada’s first children’s song, but it is so much more deep than that. Utada’s vocals are absolutely radiant in this single. Her vibrato and complexity of the voice sink deep into your soul. I cried the first time I heard this song… it just touched me in the heart. The cute little French part during the bridge shows how Utada is accepting of all different cultures! This song should be the one to close out all of Hikki-chan’s tours; it will leave the fans in tears.

If the A-side wasn’t enough for you then make sure you check out the karaoke version! Sometimes I just like to sit in my room and sing this song at the top of my lungs.

Overall: I just might name my first child “Kuma-chan.”

Rating: no better song ever

Track list:

  1. Boku wa Kuma
  2. Buku wa Kuma (Karaoke)

happy april first.


  1. Yes! One of my favorite songs!
    I’m a bear bear bear bear! I am not a car!

  2. i will try to collect all of “Minna No Uta” songs, including this one… i think “Boku Wa Kuma” so cute… ❤

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