Results: Which March release are you most excited for?

2010年 3月 31日

First off I couldn’t believe how skewed these results were! You all were excited for a number of releases, but one of them was the most popular.

23 (72%) of you said you were most excited for Kalafina- Red Moon [album]. I wasn’t expecting so many results for just this album! What do you think, were your expectations met?

Three releases tied for second place–

  • Morning Musume- 10 MY ME [album]
  • Miliyah Kato- Bye Bye [single]
  • UVERworld- GOLD [single]

Each took 2 votes with 6% of the overall score each.

There was also a three-way tie for all third place–

  • Rie fu- At Rie Sessions [album]
  • JUJU- JUJU [album]
  • D- 7th Rose [album]

Each took 1 vote with 1% of overall score.

Lastly some releases garnered no votes at all 😦

  • Porno Graffiti- ∠ TRIGGER [album]
  • Tohoshinki- Toki wo Tomete [single]

Personally, I’m most excited for Rie fu’s new album because her last one was so stellar.

Thanks for voting! Why did you vote the way you did? Did the singles/albums live up to your expectations?




  1. I voted for 7th Rose because D is one of my favorite groups. I was disappointed with the album, initially, but its growing on me just a little. I’m loving GOLD so much more.

    I haven’t even heard Red Moon yet. No idea why because Kalafina is great. There are just too many releases for me to keep up with!

    • Red Moon is very different from anything I’ve heard in a while. It doesn’t have an “anime” feel necessarily but not Jpop either.

      I used to listen to D a lot, but after “Birth” their releases seemed less appealing. Koweizhi still listens to them though!

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