Mai Hoshimura- Ichibanboshi

2010年 3月 30日

I was super excited when I found out Mai-chan was back! Her contract with Sony expired last year so she has been between labels for a while. This cover is so cute though!

Fortunately with the label change we don’t have a style change. Mai is doing what she does best. Ichibanboshi (best star) is kind of a progressive ballad, reminiscent of Ikimono Gakari. Nonetheless, this is Mai Hoshimura. Of course the song features piano (Mai is famous for her “crouching” style of playing). This song is romantic and sweet, like many of Mai’s songs. My only complaint is that it can get a little static.

It’s like Komorebi Days is an upbeat version of the A-side. Days is a mid-paced song that incorporates a lot of piano and guitar. I don’t have much to say about this song, except for it flows very well. It’s not an in-your-face-high-energy song, but it’s a nice tempo.

Seems these songs are getting progressively more energetic. Love & Peace is definitely the most rock based song of the three. While I wouldn’t say it’s high-octane or anything, it’s definitely one of Mai’s faster paced works. She typically doesn’t do these pop-rock songs (with a few exceptions here and there), but I totally love this song. I feel like this could have been the real A-side here!

Overall: It’s not an outstanding single, but I’m just glad we haven’t lost the true essence of Mai.

Rating: 7/10

Track list:

  1. いちばん星
  2. 木洩れ日デイズ
  3. Love & Peace

One comment

  1. Yay, for crouching piano playing! Haha! I love Mai Hoshimura because I’m a nerd for the piano. I’m happy to see she’s still out there, regardless of how obscure she may be these days.

    I love the title of this single, and can’t wait to hear it. Thanks for the review.

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