ayaka- Melody ~Sounds Real~

2010年 3月 15日

Yet another great cover. I love the detail painted into the corners.

Melody has a kind of a Spanish rock flair. The electric guitars that open up in the beginning remind me of a lot of YUI songs (kind of like an upbeat Umbrella). Most of the verses rely on the more pop-rock aspect of the song, however. ayaka’s voice is really passionate during the chorus, where she wails “Melody…” This song is very colorful and shows plenty of variety in vocals and instrumentals.

Taking a break from the soulful melody we have one of my favorite ayaka songs of all time, blue days. Blue days is a calm acoustic ballad that’s easy on the ears. While the verses are pleasant, it’s the chorus that sticks out to me. She approaches the higher notes with such grace and ease, despite her natural voice being slightly lower.

Next is the live version of melody, and it’s even sexier than the original. Electric guitars in the beginning are replaced with acoustic and a soulful violin is added to the mix. There’s also a sassy violin solo during the instrumental bridge, which is notably absent from the original song. Also, ayaka ad-libs in the end.

Continuing with the live versions we have sha la la next. Sha la la has a noticeable blues feel to it. The violin is once again present, assisting ayaka’s vocals. ayaka sings some really high songs in this song, but she handles them perfectly every time.

Lastly is a live version of blue days. The live version is just as serene as the original, but this time ayaka is only accompanied by a single guitar.

Overall: Melody ~Sounds Real~ is an excellent piece of work. Seriously, this girl can do no wrong.

Rating: 9.5/10

Track list:

1. melody
2. Blue Days (ブルーデイズ)
3. melody ~Live Version~
4. Sha la la ~Live Version~
5. Blue Days ~Live Version~


  1. Love the cover too. The warm color scheme adds to the “Spanish rock flair” you mentioned. I don’t know about you, but I’m more enticed to listen to something if it has an appealing cover.

    • Hahaha I do the same thing. I know you’re not supposed to “judge a book by its cover,” but honestly, I feel like if the cover is well put-together it says something about the way the music was produced. I’ve found a lot of great artists that way.

      • By the same token, however, I have found several artists will really crappy cover art too. Music is all about the hunt. You have to really look hard to find what you like.

        I love talking about this stuff. 🙂

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