BENI: bye bye

2010年 3月 14日

Ahh this is really beautiful. Everything about this cover is so peaceful and mellow =x

bye bye is an extension of some of the work on BENI’s “debut” album. bye bye is kind of a chill R&B song with some traditional Asian undertones. The Asian influences in this song are particularly strong during the chorus with kind of an electric-sounding koto. The chorus is especially catchy and make you want to sing, “Itsumono bye bye bye…” every time you hear it. It’s nice to hear something upbeat after Sign.

Stylish has a very futuristic and ominous beginning with all the weird synth. The ominous part dissolves quickly though into an upbeat track. I think this is the closest BENI will ever get to “bubble gum” (that being said this is no where near something like Koi no Tsubomi by Koda Kumi). The electronic influence in this song is strong throughout, but definitely not overdone.

I’m not really a fan of any DJ HASEBE remixes, but this one’s not so bad. If you weren’t a fan of the ballad-like nature of the original version of Sign, then you might take to this remix. Wherein the original song the main theme was presented by piano harp now takes over, but it is accompanied by some upbeat drums and synth. This song transitions well from the previous b-side.

Overall: While there wasn’t anything “outstanding” about this single in my opinion, every song was a solid release.

Rating: 8/10

Track list:

1. bye bye
2. Stylish
4. bye bye (Instrumental)

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