ayaka- I believe

2010年 3月 11日

Ayaka always has such elegant covers. The contrast between light and dark alongside ayaka’s expression give it an air of mystery.

As one of the strongest debuts ever, I believe is a ballad between pain and hopefulness. We get a sample of the former when the song opens up with the strings’ suspended note and the powerful piano melody in the background. ayaka has a bit of an unusual voice in that it is much deeper than many of her musical peers. She has a nice, wholesome vibrato and excellent intonation. The song experiences hopefulness during the chorus when she sings,

I believe myself shinjiru koto de
subete ga hajimaru ki ga suru no
I believe myself atatakai hikari wa
machigacchainai aruite yukou
I believe

I believe myself, I know that if I believe
everything and anything can begin
I believe myself, and as the sunshine warms me
I walk on without failing myself because
I believe

The next song has a more upbeat vibe to it. Yume no Kakera (lit. Pieces of a dream) relies on a strong acoustic guitar to carry the melody. Like the A-side we have a mix between pain and hope, and it’s perfectly paired with ayaka’s emotional vocals. In my opinion Yume no Kakera is one of ayaka’s strongest b-sides to date. In fact, this song is so powerful that I could survive as an A-side itself.

Overall: Phenomenal debut. Currently ayaka is the only artist on Tsuki no Ai to have obtained a rating of…

Rating: 10/10

Track list:

  1. I believe
  2. Yume no Kakera
  3. I believe (inst.)


  1. I can’t wait to give this a listen!

    I thought ayaka was sick. Is she better or what? I may have this all wrong but I seem to recall her having Graves’ Disease. I don’t keep up with her so I don’t really know.

    Anyway, I love her voice a lot. You don’t hear that rich of a voice very often in Japanese music where female singers normally have higher voices. She’s a rare treat.

    • She is sick right now, with Grave’s disease. Last Spring she announced that she would be taking some time off from her musical career in order to recover. She has had two singles since that announcement, a release on an artist compilation CD, and various releases surrounding her MTV unplugged performance.

      I agree… amazing and rich voice =]

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