Thelma Aoyama- Kaeru Basho

2010年 3月 8日

This cover is effortlessly classy. The black-and-white gives it a mature look, but it maintains a little playfulness with Thelma doing the peace sign behind her back.

So now that I’m officially into Thelma Aoyama’s music I’m proud to present her latest single. Kaeru Basho takes it down a notch from her previous single, Fall in Love. Kaeru Basho is one of those soft and progressive R&B tracks that she does so well. It’s a lovely song, especially with the drum giving the pulse throughout. My one complaint about this song is that it likes anything that makes it A-side material. That is it say it’s not particularly epic until the bridge.

Anata ga Kiechaisode is almost like a continuation of Kaeru Basho. It is yet another mid-tempo R&B track. Whereas the title track was more pop or power ballad sounding this one is clearly on the R&B or jazzy side of things. The irregular piano melodies help give this song the jazz feel. Like the A-side, this song doesn’t have any particular “pop” to it.

Overall: While both the A and B sides are solid tracks, neither of them is really “single” material. It seems that every artist nowadays is trying to replicate this style of song (but Thelma was there first bitches!)

Rating: 6.5/10 (yes, I have become increasingly stricter on my review system)

Track list:

  1. Kaeru Basho
  2. Anata ga Kiechaisode
  3. Kaeru Basho (instrumental)
  4. Anata ga Kiechaisode (instrumental)

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