2010年 3月 3日

I have the cover art here a little bit bigger than normal, only because I wanted to point out the details of her outfit. JASMINE’s getting stranger and stranger with her outfit choices…

So THIS IS NOT A GAME is the biggest “WTF” single of the year so far. On one hand we have a kick-ass club song and on the other we have one of Christian worship. Here we go…

I first listened to TINAG from the PV. I might review the PV just because it was so outrageous. This synth heavy song was accompanied by numerous pole dancers on a carousel and overall the song had a very sexual feel. This is JAS’s darkest song to date and I like its direction. It also stands out from her previous songs because of the more electronic sound. So yeah I’ll say it… best song in her career so far. She cites Hikki as an inspiration, but I’m thinking more Kuu on this one xD.

That being said, we now come to her worst song: MY LIFE, MY LOVE, MY ALL. This had the possibility to be a great song. JASMINE sings without any sort of vocal distortion or layering (and who know… she can sing). Also, this song is completely acoustic, making use of an acoustic guitar. The entire song is in English (a language in which she can sing well)… but that’s also the song’s fault. Although I am an atheist, I was raised as a Catholic. Even in my Catholic days I HATED modern Christian worship songs (I was, and still am, a fan of the old classical stuff). But this thing is cheesy as hell and is completely about Jesus. Now I don’t necessarily have anything against the alleged “son of God,” but this song made me want to shoot myself in the face. Also… I find it very odd that she is wearing a devil costume and dances alongside pole dancers in the A-side. Paradoxical much??

Overall: Oh JASMINE this could have been perfect… THIS IS NOT A GAME was genius, but you killed the single with your b-side. Please no more religious songs T_T. I don’t really have anything against Christianity… just its music.

Rating: 5.5/10

Track list:


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  1. I agree with you, This Is Not A Game could have been perfect, but for that B side.

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