KAT-TUN- Love Yourself ~Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki~

2010年 2月 26日

Ok I know I’ve enlarged this image far beyond its capacity, so if you have a HQ scan of this single it would be GREATLY appreciated. Anyway, the guys look slick and trendy as always.

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten anything new from KAT-TUN (the most recent thing being “Rescue”). There are a lot of great things going on with this single, but also a lot of things that I find very frustrating. The best thing about this single is the musical interpretation and variety of the songs. Unfortunately, this is often eclipsed by the ubiquitous use of  voice killer autotune. Let’s get started.

The beginning of Love Yourself ~Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki~ is a bit ominous, reminding me of an old spy movie (not that I’ve seen many, but…) For me it felt like this song was a mix of metro and modern. The synth gives the song some vintage flair, but the chorus reflects the infectious nature of today’s songs. I thought this song was fantastic except for the over, over use of autotune (a trend that persists throughout the rest of the single). The boys of KAT-TUN have great voices, why try to hide them with vocal distortion? Nevertheless, KAT-TUN fans will adore this track.

The next song, written by Jin, THE D-MOTION is the promotional song fro DOCOMO phones (can I has one??) This song has even more autotune than the title track. In fact, there is more autotune than natural voice in this song, and that is never a good thing. If you must use autotune then use it sparingly or it will lose its effect (unless you’re using it to correct poor intonation, and in that case you’re just faker who shouldn’t be in the music industry). Also, I felt like this song, although catchy, was perhaps too tied to the item it promotes.

Things slow down with HEART-BEAT. Personally I’m not too much of a fan of KAT-TUN doing softer songs like these. I prefer the high energy sings like Rescue or Real Me. The song itself is very sweet and uplifting. Clearly the most romantic song off the single. The strings make this song stand out.

Next is my favorite track, A PAGE. Although I don’t understand the significance of the title, this somber R&B track is extremely catchy. If you liked TVXQ’s Darkness in my Heart then chances are you’ll enjoy this song. The darkness of this song is captivating, and best of all the autotune is kept to a minimum.

Lastly is Aishiteiru kara, another romantic track, but this one taking on more of a ballad structure. The piano and strings remind me of one of my favorite KAT-TUN songs of all time, White X-mas. Things are pretty slow in the beginning, but the song gains momentum toward the end of the piece.

Overall: KAT-TUN either leaves me addicted to their music or wanting to gouge out my ears. This single definitely reflects the former. I wonder why I haven’t been keeping up with them lately? All autotune debacles aside, this is an impressive single.

Rating: 8.8/10

Track list:

01 Love yourself ~君が嫌いな君が好き~
03 A Page(赤西 仁ソロ曲)
05 愛しているから(亀梨和也ソロ曲)


  1. I didn’t really like LOVE YOURSELF (although that was probably because of the stupid PV). I did like D-MOTION and A PAGE though.

    • Yeah… I have read so many bad reviews on the PV (and as a result I’ve seen about 1000 screenshots xD). I decided not to watch the PV because I didn’t want it to ruin the song.

      • Seriously, all the visuals associated with LOVE YOURSELF are horrendous. LOVE YOURSELF was also used in an opening sequence of a drama… it was one of those things I wish I could unsee.

  2. Agreed, I deeply regretted seeing the PV, it’s probably the worst from KAT-TUN’s I’ve ever seen >.<

    • Aww… I haven’t seen too many KAT-TUN PVs… I do remember the “Keep the Faith” one was pretty good.

      I hope it didn’t ruin the song for you!

  3. I loved this single. I’m normally not a big Johnny’s person (which is to say I don’t like Johnny’s at all, with the exception of a few groups), but I was sooo surprised by this release.
    Great review!

    • I’m not a huge JE person either, but I do follow a few groups or I’m attracted to certain songs. IMO KAT-TUN is a good band to work out with xD

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