Stereopony- Hanbunko

2010年 2月 25日

I think this is a really cool cover. It’s streamlined, yet maintains an overall Japanese flavor. This is kind of a weird cover to have just once, so hopefully these kinds of covers will continue (reminds me of MinK).

Hanbunko (lit. half and half) is Stereopony’s first cover song. The song begins very softly, but soon enters into a zone of high energy pop-rock. At first I was confused as to why Stereopony would choose to cover a song of the former and little-known band, Bivattchee. When I think about it though, I can see how this kind of song matches Stereopony’s sound. I haven’t heard the original version so I can’t make any comparisons with the original. I’m not a huge fan of covers, but this song is still well done.

The first side cherry my… is a mellow pop rock song. The character of this song really reminds me of ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION’s music. The verses themselves are a bit boring, but the chorus is sweet and lively. This one of Stereopony’s stronger B-sides.

Next is my favorite track of the single, Dreamin’. Dreamin’ is a typical Stereopony pop-rock number. What I thought was really funny about this song is how the chorus sounds like Ayumi Hamasaki’s Sunrise ~Love is All~. Either way, this song has an optimistic feel to it, which makes it so endearing.

Overall: A solid single from Stereopony. What does this mean? It’s full of quality and well-produced songs, but not necessarily anything “ground breaking.”

Rating: 7/10

Track list:

  1. はんぶんこ
  2. cherry my…
  3. Dreamin’
  4. はんぶんこ -instrumental-

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