Kana Nishino- Best Friend

2010年 2月 25日

I think the cherry blossoms work perfectly in this cover. Hair and makeup are elegant as always. I’m not so sure about what she’s wearing… it reminds me of ’80s denim =/

I’m not going to lie, when I saw the title, Best Friend, I was prepared for the worst. Now the song isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it’s definitely not when of her best. The song makes use of strings, snapping during the beats, and overall upbeat-ness (fortunately though it’s a far crime from bubble gum). What I liked most of this song was how it showcased Kana’s vocals. She actually can sing much better than I anticipated.

Next is ONE WAY LOVE, the best track on the single. The song has a much more pronounced beat that is accompanied by some background… harp. The chorus is incredibly infectious and it’s perfect if you liked Motto… or Kimi no Koe Wo. This song should have been the A-side in my opinion.

Lastly is the odd-ball, Konya wa PARTY UP. Despite an obnoxious beginning of “let’s get this party started, right,” the song unfolds into a high energy synth song. If you wanted your bubble-gum fix from Best Friend this is where you’ll find all that sweet cutesy stuff. This song is pretty fun, and like ONE WAY LOVE, it’s stronger than the A-side.

Overall: I was unimpressed with this single, although it did produce good B-sides. What I did like about this single is that you get to sample more of Kana’s pop-side. Unfortunately I don’t think this single lives up to its predecessors. Although the B-sides were great, I have to mark it down a lot because of the weak A-side.

Rating: 7.5/10

Track list:

  1. Best Friend
  3. Kon’ya wa PARTY UP

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