Poll Results: What would you like to see more of on Tsuki no Ai?

2010年 2月 23日

A few weeks ago we asked people what kinds of things they’d like to see on Tsuki no Ai. The results are in, but don’t be afraid to offer additional suggestions on this post or on the “about” page. The votes this time were less varied, but that helps Koweizhi and I decide what to add to the blog! Here are the results:

  • Reviews of discographies from various artists- 13 votes, 28%
  • Cupcakes @__@- 13 votes, 28%
  • More editorials! (Or at least start making them <_<)- 12 votes, 26%
  • Kpop or Cpop reviews- 6 votes, 13%
  • Reviews of Asian moves, drama, etc.- 3 votes, 6%
  • Song lyrics mayhaps?- 0 votes
  • Nothing! Please shut down your craptastic blog.- none 🙂

First off, enjoy your panda cupcakes:

Secondly, it’s obvious that reviews of discographies will come next… I think I’ll start off with artists with fewer releases (e.g. alan) and then move on to more prolific artists like Utada Hikaru and Hamasaki Ayumi.

I’d like to do some editorials in the future as well. Editorials can be kind of risky (polemic), but I find that I usually have a different view towards Japan and the music industry than most other bloggers. Hopefully I can get some good discussion. I’m not sure if Kowezhi will do any or not… he tends to be more subdued here.

Lastly, my reviews of Cpop, Kpop, and dramas/movies will be in accordance with the number of votes. Basically what that means is I’ll review something of this category if I find it particularly exceptional (or terrible if I feel like venting). Also Kowezhi and I enjoy watching d-list Japanese horror films so we might review those for a good laugh.

Thanks for voting; Kowezhi and I want to improve the blog as much as possible.

Now it’s up to YOU to comment on the posts =p

xiao aoliwa


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