2010年 2月 12日

Not a fantastic cover, but I think she looks very stylish and trendy. It seems all the singles from this era (except for Eien) have a theme to them.

The album begins with This Is Who I Am. I was expecting an upbeat hip hop song (English version of “Girls On Top” anyone?! I bitch about this a lot to Kowezhi, but Girls on Top was my first BoA song ever, and she ruined it!), but instead I was pleasantly surprised with piano, strings, and a crossover between pop and jazz. The song is on the shorter side as it’s under 3 minutes, but it was nevertheless enjoyable. This song shows a more mature and versatile BoA.

Ok now here is the hip hop aspect of the album. Okay admittedly I thought of something less than savory when I saw the title EASY. Although the song isn’t too deep it’s better than what I was thinking. Anyway, heavy, heavy synth dominates this song. BoA definitely shows some coyness and attitude in this song. I could have done without the weird monotonous talking parts right before the chorus.

Kind of a weird transition here, but it’s BUMP BUMP! feat VERBAL. Here’s the first single on the album. Let me just say that this is a pretty sexy song. It shows BoA can create something hot without selling out to generic sexy songs that any artist can pull off. (*ahem* English album). Setting the tone for a jazzy album, BUMP BUMP! was a good addition to the album.

Next is one of my favorite songs on the album: LAZER. This song also exhibits a lot of synth, but opts for a more dance feel. This kind of song made me think of her older Korean stuff. This song is infectious and a good transition from the previous track.

Here’s interlude 1. It’s nine seconds of BoA walking and then opening up a door. Whoop-de-doo.

Things slow down a bit with Is this love. The melody is kind of a laid back crossover between R&B and jazz. I thought the song was a little dull for my tastes. Also, BoA sounded flat in the verses (I’m speaking of intonation and power).

Click here for a review of Mamoritai ~White Wishes~

Another interlude?? Interlude 2 is five seconds of camera flashes. Even more pointless than the first interlude.

I was expecting something reminiscent of Ai Otsuka when I saw the title Neko Love. Despite the cutesy title we don’t have an overly obnoxious pop song. I thought this song was adorable with its dance theme (this is something Mika Nakashima would produce). Yeah, she repeats “B-o-A” like a billion times, but it’s really not that bad.

Here’s something I wasn’t expecting: a new version of THE END soushite and…. For some reason when the song began with it’s muffled piano solo (which is gorgeous btw), I thought of Dir en grey’s Ain’t afraid to die. Ahh I’m weird. My feelings have grown warmer for this song since it was released as a single, and the newer, fresher, instrumentals probably. I now consider it one of BoA’s stronger songs.

Next is the long-anticipated duet between BoA and Miura Daichi: Possibility. The song begins with some synth that give this song a kind of Asian feel. A lot of people bitched about Eien not being on this album (and I agree, it should have been), but BoA does play with the song’s melody when she says “I never say bye-bye.” In truth this song is a response to one of her strongest singles to date. I loooved this song.

I didn’t like fallin’ at first. It showed a lot of promise with the the synth and upbeat mood in the intro. I did NOT like the autotune (of course =] ). But the song isn’t as bad as I initially thought it was. My only complaint is the lack of vocal diversity during the chorus. Also, about 80% of the chorus is the repetition of the word “fallin’.” Now that’s just lazy <_<.

Lastly we have the ever-generic title, My All (seriously, this is one of the most over-used song titles in Asia).  The beginning is very quiet with only some keyboard sounds. Like many of the songs this one has a jazzy feel. Is it BoA’s best ballad ever? Of course not.  But, I think it demonstrates her transition from the U.S. and back to Japan.

Overall: I was impressed with BoA’s new album. I found that this album had a lot more continuity than her other ones, and she’s become less generic IMO. BoA’s out of the hole (for now). Cons? WTF was with those interludes?!

Best songs:

  • BUMP! BUMP! feat. VERBAL
  • Neko Love
  • Possibility duet with Miura Daichi
  • My All

Rating: 8.5/10

Track list:

  1. This Is Who I Am
  2. EASY
  3. BUMP BUMP! feat. VERBAL (m-flo)
  4. LAZER
  5. interlude#1
  6. is this love
  7. Mamoritai ~White Wishes~
  8. interlude#2
  9. Neko Love
  10. THE END Soshite and… (album ver.)
  11. Possibility duet with Daichi Miura
  12. fallin’
  13. my all


  1. I really love this blog! I’ll be adding you to my blogroll.

    Good review of Identity. I haven’t had time to listen to it yet, but now I have a good idea of what to expect. Thanks!

    • Yeah a lot of people didn’t like this album, but I thought that it showed a more mature side of her. Everyone’s got to grow up, right?

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