L’arc~en~Ciel- BLESS

2010年 2月 8日

Not quite sure what to think of this cover. I like all the bright colors and flowers though.

Not only is BLESS Laruku’s comeback single after 3 years, but it’s also a theme for the 2010 Winter Olympics. I was kind of reluctant to review BLESS, mostly because I thought it was kind of a weak comeback. BLESS is kind of a jazzy ballad with more strings than guitar. Don’t get me wrong, Laruku does these kinds of songs well, and BLESS is no exception, but I prefer their rock songs. Such a passive song shouldn’t be used for a comeback. Laruku needed something upbeat and energetic to say “hey we’re here!”

As if we didn’t get enough strings in the original version, BLESS-Concerto- is even less rock than before. Basically it’s an instrumental version, which replaces HYDE’s voice with string instruments or piano. This was an unnecessary track, even though it was pretty.

At least we get some rock with the P’UNK~EN~CIEL version of ROUTE666. ROUTE666 -2010- is much like any new version of a Laruku song. The guitars aren’t as heavy and vocals aren’t as strong (sorry Tetsu, but HYDE can do both). That being said, ROUTE666 is sexy as hell and stands out on the single. Does anyone else think it was awkward to pair this song on the same single as BLESS?

Overall: I’m glad Laruku’s back, but I expect more next time!

Rating: 6/10

Track list:

  1. BLESS
  2. BLESS – Concerto-
  3. Route 666 -2010-
  4. BLESS (hydeless version)

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