Thelma Aoyama- Fall in Love

2010年 2月 6日

Okaaay I know you’re not supposed to judge an album by its cover, but I do anyway. I thought this cover was absolutely stunning, and that’s the reason why I decided to try out Thelma Aoyama in the first place!

So yeah… this is my first time eva getting something from Thelma. I saw the cover and was like “whooaaa @_@” and proceeded to watch the PV on youtube. I was totally impressed with Fall in Love, and it’s my current addiction. Fall in Love is a cross between pop, R&B and electronica. Not only is this song incredibly catchy, Thelma’s vocals are so pretty (SOL’s are too). I am not a fan of Big Bang, but I was thought that the pairing between Thelma and SOL was like this year’s Spontania and Yuna Ito. If you don’t understand Japanese take the time to look up translations to the lyrics because they’re very pretty.

Believe is a beautiful slower-paced that’s being used as a theme song for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Whereas the A-side relied on artificial instruments, Believe is totally acoustic, filled with strings. Thelma can really sing too (you don’t get too much variation of her vocals in the A-side). She has some very nice vibrato and I was impressed with her tone as well.

Overall: I have nothing to say here, I’m totally adding Thelma Aoyama to one of my artists!

Rating: 9.5/10


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