Sayuri Sugawara- First Story

2010年 2月 6日

Booorrriinnngg. Whatever happened to those first photo shoots? While it’s not a particularly interesting cover, I think she looks pretty.

So we open the song with a new rendition of the b-side, Arigatou. This version features rapper, FEROS (i.e. the guy that ruins good songs). I think the new version of Arigatou is better because of the new synth and more upbeat feel. The rapping part of the song was unnecessary. I didn’t really like this song when it first came out, and I don’t like it now.

Kimi ni Okura Uta is Sugawara’s debut single and first A-side on the album. This song is absolutely gorgeous. Although it sounds like something Kana Nishino or Ayumi Sakai might release it’s still a good song. It’s one of those melancholy R&B numbers with a mid-paced tempo.

We get our first taste of Sayuri and Electronica with Is this love? The song begins with some great synth, reminding me of Perfume or Koda Kumi. Keyboard and synth take over the instrumentals for this song, and it reminds me of going shopping xD.

See here for my review of Kimi Ga Iru Kara.

The next song is one that reminds me of ayaka: It’s My Life. It’s My Life is a cheery pop-rock song that shows Sayuri can do upbeat songs. Now the bridge is really interesting. All of the vocals in the bridge are done with autotune and vocal distortion. Although I’m not a fan of the new autotune craze I thought it was cool how she incorporated distortion into an otherwise traditional pop-rock song.

See here for my review of Ano Hi no Yakusoku.

Next is the enjoyable track, alone…. Although the song itself isn’t too adventurous (it’s a traditional sad R&B song), I like it. The piano alongside the artificial instrumentals is pretty.

I did not like Thrill at first. It is a jazz song and I just wasn’t prepared to hear Sayuri do something like that. However, this song is a standout on the album because it doesn’t follow the traditional pattern of rock or pop songs. Makes me think of something Kou Shibasaki would do. This song is sexy.

Eternal love is on the Kimi Ga Iru Kara review.

Sakura no Michi slows things down a bit. Guitars coupled with piano is a good mix for Sayuri. Though it’s not quite a ballad, this song demonstrates that Sayuri is capable of creating something beyond the traditional songs. The instrumentals during the chorus are goregeous.

Koi is next, opening up with acoustic and electric guitar. I can appreciate this song because it’s a bit different from the other songs on the album, but I couldn’t help but feel bored by it. Just kind of a mid-paced song in a major key. YUI-esque.

Next song is Superstar, which was kind of a banal piece of music. I hated the vocals in the beginning and the way they clashed against the notes of piano (only Mai Hoshimura can do that). This song is upbeat and happy and boring.

I’m not sure what to think of the Haru version of Destiny feat. FEROS (he’s back?!) On one hand I looove the instrumentals (it shares the same melody as Christmas Again). FEROS doesn’t actually f*** up this song, mostly due to the fact that the song itself is so strong. As much as I adored the acoustic melody in Christmas Again I loved this version too.

Ending with a ballad is ALWAYS. This was a good way to end the album just because it’s an adorable and uplifiting mid-paced song.  It’s a cute song, but we’ve heard it before.

Overall: While enjoyable, Sayuri Sugawara seems to lack originality in her songs. It’s a good album, if conservative. I’ll keep following Sayuri for now.

Recommended Tracks:

  • Thrill
  • Destiny feat. FEROS
  • Kimi ni Okura Uta

Rating: 7.5/10

Track list:

  1. Arigatou feat. FEROS
  2. Kimi ni Okuru Uta
  3. Is This Love?
  4. Kimi ga Iru Kara
  5. It’s My Life
  6. Ano Hi no Yakusoku
  7. alone…
  8. Thrill
  9. Eternal Love
  10. Sakura no Michi
  11. Koi
  12. Superstar☆
  13. Destiny feat. FEROS (Haru ver.)
  14. ALWAYS

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