Poll Results: Do you actually buy your music?

2010年 2月 5日

It’s time for the results of Tsuki no Ai’s second poll! So this time I asked whether you guys actually buy your music. Personally I try to buy as much music whenever I can.. there are some artists that I follow no matter (*cough* Dir en grey). I wish I could buy everything, but honestly I don’t have enough money to buy every $40 album that comes my way. There were a couple people who answered I buy ALL my music… if I don’t have money I don’t have music. Good for you guys; that’s something I really respect. The overwhelming response, however, was I buy music whenever I have the money. I think that’s good too.. because chances are most of those who voted are jobless teenagers who don’t have a consistent income. In an ideal world we would buy all the music, but typically that’s not possible. A few people said I buy releases from one or two artists but download the rest, which as I said, is what I do (although the artists I usually follow can vary). Lastly, a couple very honest people admitted Nope! All downloaded 😉. Good for honesty too =]

Anyway, my whole take on the buying music thing is this. Part of me feels like music is something so beautiful, and so connected to the soul that it is almost an indelible right of being human. For me music is what connects me to my thoughts and my emotions. Without it I’d be a very empty person. With this mentality I feel like music should be free. I do, however, want to support my artists as best I can. After all without pay the artists wouldn’t be able to make more music for us to enjoy. Typically what I do is download music, but then buy merchandise from the artist to kind of “pay” for my music. I think often times that in today’s world artists gain their greatest amount of revenue, not from sales, but from merchandise, concerts, appearances, etc. I also don’t have much sympathy from American artists… their paychecks are astounding and most of them don’t have to worry about their financial futures. In Asia though I’ve read that many artists are very underpaid or have a check dictated by their record label or genre (avex vs. visual kei). Also, Asian artists have a much smaller fanbase compared to American (or British) musicians. Where Western artists might have a significant amount of international sales chances are Asian artists don’t (this is part of the reason why Asian artists and bands rarely come to the United States).

That being said, I do not like the idea of Asian artists in the United States. In the U.S. the best way for a musician to make money is to conform to mainstream melodies and ideas in order to attract more fans. I feel like this defeats the purpose of music (for it is essentially an outward and open form of human expression), because in reality they are try to achieve a higher capital gain instead of trying to connect with the soul. Not to say that no Western artists do this (because there certainly many that do), but the big names (Britney Spears, Kanye West, Lady Gaga) tend to produce  singular, one-dimensional music. I’m not trying to be an Asian music elitist (although I kind of am anyway xD), and I do appreciate many Western artists like Imogen Heap, muse, and older rock from ’60s to ’80s. I just think that commercialism in music is much more prevalent in the U.S. than it is in other Asian countries (although it might be more prevalent in S. Korea).

Okay I digress. Thanks for voting, and a new poll will be up now =]



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